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HSV 1 & HSV 2 results - both high positive
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HSV 1 & HSV 2 results - both high positive

Hello -

I recently had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a man (we used a condom once) who is significantly older than me. Until sleeping with me, he claims he has been faithful to his girlfriend of over 12 years and neither have had any herpes symtoms (symptoms). I know that he has had more sexual partners than me in his lifetime, though I don't think he has ever been promiscuous. I have also never engaged in promiscuous sex, and have only had intercourse with monogamous partners during long term relationships. This is the first time I have ever had pain or STD symptoms, almost all of my experiences in the past have been 'normal' (realize now that asymptomatic is probably a better word).

After sex with him, I noticed burning while urinating (thought it was a UTI) and intense pain on my labia, which I discovered had swelled up like a pimple and turned into a cold sore. This was extremely painful for about a week and the cold sore eventually went away, but I still feel pain during urination (it is now almost 3 weeks after the initial outbreak). I got tested at Planned parenthood, but was not able to culture the cold sore because it was almost healed by the time I got an appointment. My igg test results are:

HSV 1 IGG AB >5.00
HSV 2 IGG AB 4.12

Based on the labs, it seems that I am unequivocally positive for HSV 1 & 2. However, there are several posts on this forum that say that any HSV2 reading under 3 might be a false positive. He was igg tested HSV1+ and HSV2-, which has me shocked because I was almost positive that he had given me something. Now I am afraid that I may have transmitted it to him. I have asked him to get retested again due to the high number of false negatives.

My questions are:
Based on the numbers above, is there any chance that I could have a false positive for my HSV2 reading?
What does it mean to have a 'high' igg reading? Does it mean there are large numbers of antibodies in my blood and my immune system is working harder than normal to fight the virus?
Is it worth getting igg tested again, and/or getting a WB test to be absolutely sure?
Is it possible that the cold sore on my labia was an HSV1 sore transmitted via oral sex, since he was HSV1+?

Thanks in advance,
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your partner needs to wait 3 months after the last time you had sex to repeat his hsv2 igg test. It won't be accurate until then. should he develop any symptoms genitally between now and then, he should be seen promptly for a proper exam and testing of his active lesions.

your hsv2 isn't likely to be a false positive based on the numeric result and the description of your symptoms.  Your symptoms sound pretty classic for a herpes recurrence. did they do any other testing to see if you also had any vaginal infections like bv going on too at that time?  what about screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia?

the "high" connotation next to igg results simply means it's negative. It has no other meaning. No significance to a hsv2 igg of 6.9 compared to a hsv2 igg of 3.9 either as far as severity of disease or anything like that.  

You can get a WB if you need the peace of mind. For some folks it's well worth the money so that doubts are removed.

keep asking questions!

Thank you Grace for your answer.

I did not get any screening for bv, but I did test negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia. I have another appointment at Planned Parenthood on Monday and will ask to get tested for that.

What is the best way to find out where to get a WB test? Should I call the Univ. of Washington and see if they can recommend a local area to get tested? Or if I go see an OB-gyn will they know what the WB test is?
Quest Diagnostics offers the Western Blot, the test # is 34534.

Or, your provider can also call and order it themselves through the Univ of Washington:  http://depts.washington.edu/rspvirus/herpes.htm  is the link to pass onto your provider.
just to correct myself - "high" next to a result means it's positive.  getting my positives and negatives mixed up lately!

My boyfriend of almost 2 years went 2 the hospital last week because he notice unusual small pimples on his genital. When the nurse seen the lesions she already diagnosed he have herpes. We both was shock especially me cause I recently went to my gyn in August & was positive for yeast infection but was not tested for herpes. So Im a little confuse due to the fact could the yeast infection might of been herpes instead of yeast infection. As a matter of fact I had a yeast infection last year in October.  Moving on so since the nurse wasn my boyfriend have herpes & since I'm a phlebotomy tech I decide to run some test on myself which include hepatitis c, hiv & herpes. My result was negative for hiv & hepatitis c but positive for hsv 1 gg & negative for hsv 2.  My test was also positive for herpesvirus 6 igg but negative for herpesvirus 6 igm.  I did schedule a gyn appt for the endind of this month. Can someone pls help me understand my result.
HSV 1 IGG > 5.00
HSV  2 IGG 0.07


What the difference in IGG & IGM. Does this also mean this is a virus I had in for awhile. My boyfriend is blaming me for passing the virus to him because of his outbreak.  I did also mention my ex 2 get tested as well. & since I have no outbresk would it make since to have culture. Is having the blood test is enough proof I do have the virus. In a way im still in denial. Even though on the other hsnd I knw I have it. Im do depress & can't stop crying. As far my boyfriend he's ok cause he went to his doctor appt on Friday & felt a little@  ease after speaking with his doctor. For me I frel ad if my life is crush the future we waslookin foward to have gone down the drain.
Can someone pls help.
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