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So, when I got checked out, I asked about these small white clusters on my labia, and my doctor said they were normal, something about normal lipid pockets? Something about the skin type that it was which is why they stopped in an exact line along the inside of my 'slit' [between the inner labia] because that's where it "changes from the labial skin to mucus membrane."

Well, Just last night and today I noticed a small line of almost exactly similar white spots [that are raised less than a mm or so, but they're not just discoloration] in a rather orderly line right where my lips go from the dry part to the mucus membrane. Could these be the exact same phenomenon, just oddly enough occurring on my lips? I know my skin has done funny stuff before[ i didn't always have those white bumps on my labia], but these seem....new? I mean, maybe it's just like on my labia; they just start forming at some point. My labial ones started occurring in tenth grade; I don't remember them before that and they've gotten more numerous since. Maybe I'm just paranoid about the ones on my lip the saem way I was upset about my labial ones?

They're not red or inflamed, and I've had no tingling or pain. I don't think I've been with anyone with HSV-1, but that's my only concern.

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just keep adding to your original post so it's all in one place - thanks!
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You're statement, "I don't think I've been with anyone with HSV-1" is highly inaccurate.

You can expect at least half of the people you date (probably more) to have HSV-1. HSV-1 is carried by 50-90% of adults depending on age according to the latest NHANES study, which is the most reliable study available. A smaller study in Louisiana showed that 98% of people evaluated had HSV-1. Bottom line, HSV-1 is pretty much unavoidable, and you're extremely likely to get it sooner than later.

Here's the breakdown of HSV-1 prevalence regarding ethnicity and age:

20-29: 46%
30-39: 56%
40-49: 59%

African Americans
20-29: 56%
30-39: 75%
40-49: 80%

20-29: 80%
30-39: 86%
40-49: 89%

Here's the HSV-1 prevalence by age:
14-19: 44%
20-29: 54%
30-39: 64%
40-49: 65%
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