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HSV II Positive Results but don't understand exposure
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HSV II Positive Results but don't understand exposure

I have been with only one sexual partner within the past 3 years.  In Feb. 2009,, I had routine STD screening, just b/c I am always cautious, & was negative for HSV II, & as my OBGYN stated, I was "stone cold negative". In Aug 2009, I was tested once again, for my own well being for all STDs & I was positive for HSV II. The results did not include a numerical reading, just showed that my IgG results were over 5.0 so this rules out false positive. So immediately I go to my significant other, and accuse him of being with someone else. He denied and went and got tested. He was negative for HSV II with an IgG reading of .03, so it being extremely negative. No reason to doubt these results, because both were IgG.

So, my question is, how can I all of the sudden, within a six month time-frame contract HSV II, when my only sexual partner is negative for HSV II.

Well, I have a theory. I have a close family member who has a lesion on his arm, which several years ago was cultured and tested positive for HSV II. He has outbreaks only on that one spot on his arm. He tries to keep it covered but sometimes I am sure it is exposed. He does have medication for it as well that he is supposed to take when he feels his arm tingle. Weird I know, but I have seen it. Also, I work in a field where I deal with some people who do not take care of their health. I have a client who has HSV II all over his arm, and I shook his hand, before I knew that he had HSV all over his arm. Now, about two months after my exposure with this client who had HSV II, I had these bumps appear on my right hand, for the most part, and maybe one or two on my left hand. I was scared and went to the doctor in May 2009. The doctor at first thought it was scabbies, but when I said they did not really itch, he assumed it was contact dermatitis.

So my question is, how did I test positive? Could it have been herepes on my hand, or was I exposed by my family member that has HSV on his arm?
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In 30 years of practice, I've never seen herpes on the arm (I have seen it on the hand three times).  So the fact that you know two people you interact with regularly who have HSV 2 on their arm is very odd indeed.  But I think the chances of you acquiring HSV 2 through social contact with either of these people is very, very small.  I don't know how this seroconversion happened, but I would recommend that you get a copy of the first HSV 2 antibody test, and the second, and compare them carefully.  Did you actually see the antibody test results from your partner?  If you did indeed seroconvert completely between Feb and August, the source is unknown to me, given what you've said unless one of the sample was mixed up, which is always possible.  Or one of the two tests is an error.  Or your partner is not being honest about the test results.  I stick by my statement that acquiring HSV 2 from one of two people with herpes on their arm is really unlikely.

So what exactly should the next step be? I was told by my OBGYN that the test results are accurate and I do have HSV II... However, since my significant other is negative, it does not explain how I contracted the virus.
Well, I understand it is rare to see herpes on the arm. I am sure that my family member  has HSV II on his arm because it was cultured and tested positive for the virus. As far as my client, I saw it the OB on his arm, and then he told me that the doctor told him it was HSV II after it was tested, however I never saw his actual test results, but I couldn't imagine that he would be lying to me.
So, I am confused, and I am not in denial about this, as I just want an answer so I could be informed and inform my future partners.
My test results most likely did not get switched because I had other tests completed, and each specific test was included,. I had routine bloodwork, like cholesterol, glucose, etc. and those were all included on the test results, therefore I am assuming it was my blood that was sampled, right?
I have been trying to figure this out because it will effect my future relationships. How can I explain that I have HSV II, but have no idea how I got it. The virus entered my body somehow, but how....and if it is from another contact other than sexual, I won't transmit with sexual activity but how can I be sure.
As far as my test results from my parter, yes I saw them. Negative.
So my question is, could a result over 5.0 be a false positive or be positive for another reason?
What should my next step be?
Thanks for your help
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