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HSV test Result Query!!
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HSV test Result Query!!

Hello, i had a unprotected oral sex with a girl 4 months ago..
after the encounter i was so vexed about std..
after 10 days i have developed fever, headache, burning sensation in whole body which made sleep impossible, i also had rash in my hand, small painless and non itching small bump on my penis, i am so afraid of herpes so i went to doctor he had examined me and told this is not herpes, then he ordered std test which came negative, in my blood test my platelets level were low.
after that i developed abdomen pain, eye complications, joint pains,....
i took a herpes blood test on 9th week after exposure the result shows,
HSV igg=0.65(type I and II)
HSV igm=0.45(Type I and II)

Then i took another test at 16th week after exposure the result shows,

Hsv type 1
igg = 0.20
igm =0.17
Hsv type 2

i continue to have bad bowel movement, abdomen pain, eye problem, penis problem,...
then my GP told it "Inflammatory Bowel Diseases"

i want to know with respect to my hsv blood test am i negative to herpes simplex??
pls help me.. iam totally vexed...
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already answered this the last time you posted about it.
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