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HSVI/II Test question - need help with results
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HSVI/II Test question - need help with results

I have a question about my recent results in which I was told I am positive for both HSVI and HSVII.

I had my annual check up at the end of Feb. and received my results today. The nurse called and gave me the results and I have scheduled a follow-up appointment for tomorrow, however, if possible, I would love to have as much information and ask the right questions as the nurse I spoke to had wonderful manners in delivering the news over the phone but short on substantive answers.

I was surprised by the results as I have not had any outbreaks. However, from reading today, I see that doesnt really indicate positive or negative. I understand symptoms could be non-existent or so mild I never recognized them if indeed I am infected.

My test results are as follows:

HSV1/HSV2 combined IGM was 10.3
My HSV 2 IGG was 1.89

I believe the test was some type of a Herpes Select test, however, I am not confident this is correct.

In reading this forum, I understand that a number for the HSV 2 IGG less than 3 and a high number for the other test could possibly be a false positive? Somehow effected by the HSVI?

Is this possible? Could it apply in this case?

In truth, I have no idea what those numbers mean other than my doctor's office telling me that I am HSVI/II positive.

I would like to ask my doctor to re-test regardless. Is there a specific test I should ask for that can provide a fairly reliable confirmation or do the numbers I have posted speak for themselves?

I don't really believe that I am positive, I have been with the same person for over 2 years, both of us were tested at the beginning of our relationship for everything. We both are checking to make sure that the tests at the time included an HSVI/II test since all that was provided to us was an "all clear - everything negative". Possibly, the explanation that the tests were not included at the time for one or both. We are not concerned with pointing the finger of who gave what to whom, since neither of us have cheated. We are hoping to figure out if my tests are positive, confirm his status if I continue to get a postive result after a re-test, figure out any treatment options if necessary and go from there.

On that note, if I continue to test positive, is it important to get treatment? I have not had an outbreak and I am super concerned about the possibility of being on a life-long anti-viral medication. Also, can being on a medication and then possibly going off because of a bad reaction (not planning for this to happen, but...) cause outbreaks to occur because the body was dependent on the anti-viral?

Thanks for any information you can provide.
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Hi, I just can tell you something about the final part of your question in regard to the treatment. First of all, I hope the test results are not correct. As to the treatment, you do not have to take medication unless you get outbreaks. When you get outbreaks the medication helps shorten it.
I was tested positive for HSV 1 and asked my doctor to give me a prescription to buy medication if I get an outbreak. He did not give me one and said that I might never have an outbreak. Apparently only 10% of the people with HSV 1 get outbreaks. He told me that if I get a full blown outbreak I should get on medication otherwise it would be useless.
I read someplace that most people take medication when they notice the first signs of the outbreaks (tingling, itching etc). These medications help shorten the duration of the outbreak.

Good luck,
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