Help with peeing and symptoms pleeeeese!
by compassionRN, Sep 20, 2009
I am waiting test results for herpes.  In the meantime I have been on Diflucan and Augmentin for the past 1 1/2 days and then on Valtrex (after a second opinion) since last night.   My symptoms just keep getting worse.  I started to develop a sore throat yesterday and today I have noticed some small white bumps appear on the sides of my pharynx (I have no tonsils).  Could this also be herpes?  I'm on antibiotics and antifungals, so don't think it could be a secondary strep throat or oral thrush starting - although my immune system is pretty crap at the moment.
My most painful symptom is peeing though.  I am pouring a 2 quart jug of water over my labia to help with the pain, but it hurts so much that it makes me cry for about 15 minutes every time I pee.  I had 2 kids naturally without pain relief, so I'm no wuss either.  I know that I should be drinking more...but the peeing is so painful that I've been scared to drink hardly anything the past 2 days.  I was wondering if Azo tablets (for UTI's) would help?  Or whether adding bicarb to my drinking water to alkalinize the pee would help?  Any suggestions?  I am getting SO depressed over all this, it's a new diagnosis and I am upset and crying and just really feel like crap.
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by gracefromHHP, Sep 21, 2009
First off I just want to say that HHH gave you a very detailed reply on his forum that I hope was helpful.  I'll gladly handle the pain issues at this point :)  I'm glad you went and had another work up done and got valtrex. It will take a bit longer to start working at this point but it'll help.  

A sitz bath set up is easier than pouring water as you pee - depends on your coordination. Something to consider.  It sounds that you really have a humdinger of an ob going on. also drinking more water will make your urine ph less acidic so it burns less too.The less you drink , the more concentrated your urine is and the more it will burn flowing over the open lesions.   If you can physically cover your lesions while peeing, try that too. If you haven't 5 finger discounted gloves from work for at home, put your hand in a baggie and cover the lesions while urinating.

If it hurts to urinate, the azo will help. If it hurts because the urine is touching the lesions while urinating, it won't. make sense?

dermoplast spray ( the blue can for the genital area, not the red can ) is helpful though I think you were already using benzocaine?  A spray on anesthetic is helpful. Also soaking in the tubby with epsom salts thrown in or a packet of aveeno bath is also soothing. when at home, go bottomless so that you reduce friction and get cool, drying air to the genital area too. A nighty or oversized tee is good for this so that you aren't mooning your neighbors.  

As for the oral symptoms, if they get worse, you can consider being seen again but since you are on valtrex, a lesion culture to check for oral herpes isn't going to be worthwhile.  Many viral things going around right now and unfortunately you might even be getting a double whammy :(

You should be feeling better within a week - I know that it'll feel like an incredibly long week though :(  Hang in there!


by compassionRN, Sep 22, 2009
Thanks Grace...you were right, the Azo didn't help, but I discovered that putting a teaspoon of baking powder and 3 drops of Ravensara essential oil in my 'rinsing' water when I was peeing helped a lot more than just water alone.  I've been doing the sitz baths three times a day too, with ravensara, bergamot and tea-tree essential oils, along with more bicarb.  This proved to be really soothing.   I did force myself to drink more herbal teas and water - I've been drinking Lemon Balm and Echinacea teas mostly.  I was able to wear loose pants for the first time today and am starting to feel much better now :)  Still a little bit of a sore throat, but it didn't develop into anything else thank goodness! I just wish those lab results would hurry up and come through so that I can give my partner a definate answer on what's going on.  
by gracefromHHP, Sep 22, 2009
I'm a fan of tea tree oil and such myself but just be aware that during the first ob, if anything like that starts to cause more irritation, discontinue its use. You have a lot of open/irritated skin with the first ob when it's like this so it increases your odds of a reaction to the essential oils.  

Is your partner getting tested?