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Approx one year ago, I was tested for both HSV 1 and HSV 2 via blood test and was found negative for both.  I recently had a brief encounter in which I French kissed a new potential partner for 10 minutes.  Just kissing, nothing else.

3 days later she called to tell me she has GHSV2 since 2005 and has never been tested for HSV 1. She said she also assumed she also had HSV 1 orally because she had cold sores growing up.  I encouraged her to get tested and she tested positive for HSV 1 (2.40) and negative for HSV2.  

I have several questions:
1) What is my risk for HSV 1 orally due to a 10 min French Kiss? ( didn't see any lesions or cold sores on her)
2) I have, however, felt hot spots, itching, and prodrome symptoms on my face. However, they have been all over my face, sometimes on my legs, or arms. I may be a hypochondriac here.
3) for the first 3 weeks: 
I've been checking my mouth area for any signs of fever blisters and have not found a single thing on my lips or nose.  I have found one blemish ( not sure what it is) on my lower cheek (2 inches from mouth) and one above my mustache line (one inch to the right edge of mustache line). They have gone away with no pain. Should I be concerned if not on lips?

Approx 3 weeks after:
I have a couple new blemishes but think it's too far past potential infection to seriously consider it as a Herpes fever blister.

This morning: I found a one new blemish just below my lower lip line approx 26 days after potential exposure.  Through reading I thought this was too long after potential exposure to have something new pop up if it is indeed a sign of HSV1

There are three blemishes on my face right now.  Right cheek, left cheek, and just below my lower lip. If it was HSV, wouldn't they all be grouped together? Through my reading I thought the initial infection spot would be the primary location moving forward. Could I be spreading it around myself manually?

I want to get a blood test to rule this out but have only waited 4 weeks so far and realize I still have 3 months to go until I can accurately test. Anything you can do to calm my fears would be appreciated.  I know it's a common virus but it's important to me that I'm HSV free.

Thank you

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