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I just want to admit it.
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I just want to admit it.

I was diagnosed with HSV-2 at Christmas 2012.
I just wanted to sign up to this place to admit it.
4 people know about my condition: mother, best friend, exboyfriend, partner when diagnosed.

I can count my sexual partners on 1 hand:
- my first boyfriend, a long term partner, who knows about my condition now.
- a guy I slept with for two weeks
- a guy I slept with as a one off
- a guy I was seeing for 10 weeks (during which I was diagnosed. I told him, and he got tested, which was negative.)
I think I got it from the middle two.

The day I was diagnosed, I was so devastated. I have never cried so hard. I have honestly thought about just killing myself off. But I calmed myself down over the weeks following and decided against it.

Its been around 6 months now, and I feel alone. I feel dirty. I feel like a leper. And despite everyone saying 'dont worry, 1 in 5 people have it,' I know of 2 people, both women - and I highly doubt many of the men I know would accept me.

I dont fit the part: I never slept around (as proven above), Im middle to upper class, Im not bad looking, Im smart. You wouldn't expect it of me. But I have it.

Im really afraid Ill never find someone. And Im even more afraid of how it will affect my ability to have children.

What I really want to ask is what are the best ways to stop it from coming up, from having outbreaks?
I get outbreaks every time I get my period. I was told that it gets less and less as time goes by, and I know that theres no cure, but has anyone else tried something that 'works'?

And I still dont know how to come to terms with it. Im beside myself.
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game of thrones fan? :)

Let's start at the beginning -  how were you diagnosed as having genital herpes?  how are you treating your herpes? are you having recurrences?

have you read the free herpes handbook yet that we recommend in our read before posting post on the forum?

is herpes going to be the reason why you don't find a partner and start a family? NO!!!  You can keep the rates of transmission incredibly low.  it's also incredibly common and never something to feel dirty about.   all it takes is one partner.  Try to stop believing what you were told growing up that only "bad" girls get std's - everyone gets one unless they completely abstain from sex - just not everyone is aware that they had one since they don't seek out testing properly and we can't test properly for hpv in males and females. There is only stigma to herpes if you believe there is - you have to stop thinking that there is now something "wrong" about you !!  

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