Is this genital and oral HSV1?
by DiDiva, May 24, 2011
Hi everyone. I have a real mystery. Been reading posts (loads of info on here which is great) but finally decided to ask my questions. Warning - long story coming! Sorry for being detailed and graphic but I'm guessing more info, not less, will help you all.  Having trouble getting a diagnosis and figuring out what the heck is going on with my body!

I had a brief encounter with a man - vaginal and me giving him oral sex - for a short time.  It was not full sex, more like fooling around a bit and then it stopped - but there was unprotected vaginal and oral insertion of his penis (for maybe 10 thrusts and maybe 30 seconds of oral)  this happened two or three times during the course of the night.  Then the same thing happened the week after. Then the fun began.

Nearly two weeks after I got internal vaginal pain (like bad period pain) and discharge for a couple of days and then the next day came extreme extreme extreme itching and swelling and pain of the vagina/vulva. Went to the doc who said it looked like a very bad yeast infection and gave me meds. Discharge got so bad that it was running out, so not clumpy.  Next day it was sore to pee and got bad chills and fever and night sweats and was very very sick for 3 days and nights. But I was away from home and it was a weekend so couldn't easily get to a doc. During this time I developed some papercuts down either side of the folds on the outside of my vagina entrance and a raw spot inside.  I suffered on for nearly 2 weeks until things cleared up.

Now before the vagina symptoms started I had a red raw patch on my lip which was wouldn't heal, but didn't think too much about it although I had noticed it as being different but thought maybe a bad case of chapped lip or something.  When it did start to look and feel better or healed then is started again soon after.  Then after the vagina symptoms had started i then got what looked like a very shallow blister type bump next to this raw patch.  It didn't burst or go yellow, but just kinda dried up and then was just like dry chapped area on lip.  I also had a very sore raw scratchy throat which was red and inflamed.

Everything healed but went for std check anyway and everything came back normal.  I asked about herpes and told it would be round blisters that burst not long open cuts which is yeast.  BUT here's my problem.  I've been sick ever since.  Get a few days where I have no vaginal problems and then it starts again -internal pain,feels of clit/urethra is swollen and pressured, very painful papercuts in folds and next to clit, itching, burning.  Also happens on buttocks and internal thighs with sharp stinging and then one, two or maybe 4 red spots - but they don't burst, just sort of dry up and then heal. Burning skin feeling and a hot feeling at bottom of back.  Get hot red sunburn like rash on buttocks and thighs with a flushed very hot face and sometimes shivers - but this is lessening each time it happens. No further blister on my mouth but often have red raw patches then peel skin a bit and eventually dry up and heal.. Lips feel burny and itchy too when this happens. Also get raw sore throat which turns into mucus chesty cough.  Been back to doc and given vaginal yeast treatment again (internal and oral tablets) and then 2 different antibiotics to 'kill anything that may be lurking'.

(thanks if you're still reading!) So now, I'm in the position that I have been very ill from this encounter with this guy (who says he was clean for stds, but does get sweat/fungal rashes - I'm now thinking this is actually herpes and not sweat rashes??!?).  I've been treated for yeast and with antibiotics, but I still get these symptoms.  Got a rapid HSV2 test done which was negative and waiting results of igg. In the meantime the doc has agreed to let me try a month of acyclovir (?) to see if it helps.

Sooooo my big question is can I have gotten genital and oral hsv1 from this guy's penis, due to his 'sweat rash'.  Read genital outbreaks are rare for hsv1 but seriously, I have had sooooo much pain and discomfort - I knew straight away something major was happening - not just a yeast infection. And if it is hsv1, why the heck am I getting frequent outbreaks like this?  I've read it shouldn't reoccur as often but been tested for yeast and bacteria and stds etc and all was clear, but they did still treat it just in case the swab missed the yeast (swabbed once for herpes but was days later and was clearing up - another time they wouldn't swab as only small cuts and no blisters in vagina area - helpful eh?)

Any thoughts people?  Hsv1?  Fungal (although unlikely from what I've read?)  Anything else spring to mind if IGG comes back negative for both? I've probably left out loads of info (sorry, been kinda going with this for months now - I forget what is normal now!) but will answer queries to fill in any gaps if needed to help you out with 'diagnosis'.  Cheers everyone for reading and here's hoping you've some ideas to put me out of this misery. (by the way I hadn't been with any other man in nearly 2 years and NEVER had any problems vaginally or orally like this before. Truly fed up with the cycle and feeling crap all the time - need some pain free time please! Got the point i don't even care what it is now - i just need to know!!!!  Arrghhhh.  Thanks guys.
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by DiDiva, May 24, 2011
Oh yeah, groin and neck glands go up and sore as well as one under my right arm.  Trying to be upbeat here, but please help with any idea - my life has been miserable for months :(
by gracefromHHP, May 24, 2011
odds are this isn't genital herpes going on. Symptoms as you describe for this long would be very atypical for herpes.  Honestly I wouldn't even try the acyclovir but be seen every time you have symptoms and get cultures for herpes.

are you seeing a gyn or your regular doctor?

if you continue to culture negative for yeast and bacterial infections, might be time to consider things like a wheat allergy or something like that that can cause oral and genital issues.  

did you get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia too?

by DiDiva, May 25, 2011
Hey, thanks for replying.  Yeah I agree, doesn't fit the normal description of genital hsv1 by having frequent outbreaks - but that's what we're looking at cause all other stds were negative including gon and chla.  Doc thought it was hsv2 due the extent of pain and frequency but was just producing long cuts in vagina area with the blistery type spots on the buttocks and thighs - but the rapid test was negative so by default it must be type 1.   Been seen lots when having symptoms with no bacteria or yeast.  Def don't have a wheat allergy.  I have thought maybe a bad infection but cause it completely goes and then comes back a week or so later then it can't by - surely an infection wouldn't clear up without treatment, that's more viral behaviour isn't it?  Seeing reg doc at minute but after igg comes back and a month of tablets,if no better then will be sent to gyn or dermatologist (which would you recommend?).  Taking 2 tablets a day.  I guess this needs to be at regular intervals, how important is it for them to be exactly 12 hours apart?  Thanks so much for the reply.  Kinda stressed out now about all this.
by DiDiva, May 25, 2011
Hey in addition to my previous post here  (hope I gave you the info you needed) i was thinking, is there any other genital viral infections that you can catch from a guy's penis (as he didn't give me oral sex, just me to him, so has to be from penis)?  I've read a bit about mono and ebv - but can this be transfered from a penis to a vaginal and to a mouth?  If so, what are the symptoms and treatment (cure?) cause i can't really find info on genital infection of these - if they do exist?  Maybe mrsa? Also, if the guy had a 'sweat rash' is that fungal?  If so, can this be passed on to vagina and mouth and cause these symptoms  (saw one post where HHH said no but surely it's contagious?)....long shot i know, especially as the symptoms are so severe, come and go, and have already been treated for yeast infection - but i'm kinda really desperate now and looking at ANY possibility other than gential and oral hsv1.  Thanks a lot.  

Oh and also, I was looking after an infant for a few weeks when i had all these symptoms and they broke out with painful blisters all over the tongue and two strips of blisters on the buttocks that scabbed over - you can imagine my horror now as i'm worried i passed on hsv1 - can kissing games and blowing raspberries on thighs and lower belly button transfer the virus through a babies thin skin?  Doc said it was a 'viral infection' but I didn't ask specifically about herpes.....far too frightened ( I am a terrible person I know, you don't need to tell me - I've lost lots of sleep over this)  Just adds more weight to the argument that this is hsv don't you think?  By the way I'm well angry that herpes isn't a routine test - i know it's down to money - but seriously - it's really really needed!!!!  Imagine how much emotional stress and heartache would be avoided?  Thanks a lot for your help.  You'll definitely be rewarded for all your help to people on here - i've seen how many posts you've made to help folk.  Wish you'd talk to the doctors and 'train' them how to be with their patients, lol!
by gracefromHHP, May 25, 2011
I'd stop the acyclovir. it's going to interfere with you getting an accurate lesion culture of new symptoms when you get them. Honestly you want to get symptoms so you can get them cultured to rule out herpes for once and for all.

I recommend the gyn first. if they are stumped, dermatologist is the next best step.

by DiDiva, May 26, 2011
Hey again, thanks for taking the time to reply again.  I know what you're saying but to be honest I wanna stick with the tablets for a month - the possibility of having a period of no syptmoms is just too nice to not try.  Obviously if it does nothing then I'll stop and go back to swabs.  However are swabs not just accurate only a third of the time or something? so even negative ones may not actually be negative?  Seems like not great odds to me to get an accurate swab so will try to get relief from tablets.  fingers crossed.  

Can I get some clarity with a few of my burning questions please and then i'll stop taking up your time (there are more worthy people on here that will need your help too - sorry to be a burden)

1) Are there any other viral infections that can come from a penis and infect a vagina and mouth?
2) Does herpes always show the same symptoms in the same person or can they get a rash, then razor burn, then blisters, then cuts? So it changes with each outbreak?  Hope this makes sense.
3) What about mono and ebv in the gentials from sex?
4) Can a baby get hsv1 on the mouth and buttocks from play kissing etc
5) Can bacterial or fungal infections be transerfered via sex?
6) Can bacterial or fungal infections go away and then return without any treatment or is this only viral behaviour?
7) Can oral herpes present as red raw patches on the lip with open slits and peeling skin (sort of metalic taste you know?) instead of a blister?

Thank you so much for your help with these final poitns. D.  Oh and how long does it take for acycloivr to start working so I know if symtpoms are def not herpes?  Thanks a lot Grace.
by gracefromHHP, May 26, 2011
the accuracy is increased greatly if they are pcr swabs for herpes and not just viral cultures. same as if they are done within 48 hours of the appearance of symptoms, they are more likely to be accurate.

you'll feel better within a few days of starting antivirals if any of this is herpes.
by DiDiva, May 26, 2011
Thanks.  Only culture swabs near me.  Any thoughts on the other points I asked?  Would really help ease the 'wonder' even if you tell me bad news :(  Thanks, then I will leave you in peace I promise.  Really appreciate having had someone knowledgeable to ask these questions to.
by DiDiva, May 27, 2011
Grace you were right!  (bet you're not surprised)  But now, this horrific and very painful mystery continues.  My IGG was negative for both 1 & 2 (both well under 0.90).  So it looks like from an igg and a rapid test for hsv2 - that I have no herpes!  Which I know should be great news, and it is, but now the questions in my last post are so important now. What on earth did i catch from this guy.  And I am totally 100% sure I got an infection from him - no doubt whatsoever at all.  It was hell on earth.  And still is.  Although you might not be able to tell me what it is, can you tell me other than herpes, hpv and hiv, is there any other stds (or infections passed via penis that aren't classed as an std) that isn't curable?  I suppose i kinda wanna have a bit of relief that if I know whatever this terribly painful infection is, that it can be cured - when i find out what it is.  Thanks.  Recap on main issues in case you have any ideas cause reg doc doesn't know and is sending me to gyn but could take ages - just worried that damage will be done or something while waiting to figure out what this is.  I'm in so much pain and uncomfortable.  

Lots of outer vagina swelling redness with intense itch, pain peeing and loads of thin discharge on first infection but not now.  Recuring now - Burning, itching, swelling feeling of urethra clit and pelvic area inside, odd flash of hot sunburn rash on thighs and buttocks, painful long lesions on vagina, itchy sore red bumps/blisters on buttocks and thighs, fever with chills, nodes swollen, mouth lips red raw and blistery, red painful scratchy throat.  These are not present all the time together, they all come and go but really only have a few days where nothing is going on.  

What is this infection?  I can't go on anymore like this. Any ideas at all people, so i can at least start asking the docs the right sort of questions to get them to test for stuff.  All stds where clear including gon, chla, tric, hiv, yeast and bv.  Any other stds that are more rare and not generally tested for, which could be a possibility? Thanks a heap.  I NEED to sort out this mystery so I can get on with my life!!!!!