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Need Advice


I just wanted your input on my situation.  I was diagnosed with HSV2 in March 2010...same story as others...went in for regular check up, came out shocked, very surprised, never had symptoms, I have had one or two yeast infections in the past prior to being testing, one in particular i remember being very intense, but always assumed it was yeast- wish i got tested to be sure. However, i never had obvious symptoms...although i know now that doesn't matter.

I have been with my bf for a year and a half, I told him when I found out. He got tested, his results were HSV1 negative, HSV2   .9

After going through the process of being upset and shocked i started my research.

My first test was in March '10  results came back at   1.15

Second test  April '10   results came back at 1.2

Third test his past year in Feb '11  results came back at 1.16

After  talking to my doctor about some of the research about low positives, he thought it was okay for me to try Western Blot to see the results... I took the Western Blot towards the end of April ...got results back and they were intermediate

March '10 ... 1.15
April '10 ...... 1.2
Feb '11 ....... 1.16

April '11 Western Blot .. intermediate

What am i suppose to think now???  My doctor told me exactly what it said on the Western Blot results. How I should retest in a few weeks due to antibody growth, however my doctor also said he feels my results will be the same because I have tested months apart, and my results continue to be in the same range. He will support me getting another test, but hates to see the money wasted.  I just need piece of mind and a true answer. I feel like I am going to continue to have these in between results.  

I know my best bet is getting the Western Blot done again, in which I am going to do as soon as I financially can, but I just wanted to hear what your professional opinion on my situation. I am starting to think that I need to just accept and move on. Does this happen???

thanks again for your time

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