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Small, pinkish bumps? Is it Herpes?
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Small, pinkish bumps? Is it Herpes?

Hello. I have a few questions regarding contraction of STDs through receiving of oral sex. I don't mean to sound rude or ungrateful, but please only respond if you have information that I have not already seen a million times on Google. I'm looking for detailed information from people who have studied these topics or specialize in them.

I'm a 25 year old male. In late December of 2011, I received unprotected oral sex. Exactly 30 days later, I took a test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, Herpes, and Syphilis. They all came back negative.

My first question is: Did I wait long enough for all of them to be able to show up on a test?

My next question is: Did I even need to take all of those tests? Which STDs can be contracted through receiving of oral sex?

I took the tests out of curiosity, not because of present symptoms. I actually have not had any symptoms. I haven't even so much as had the flu since before that occurred. So I've had no reason to question the results.

Until a few weeks ago, that is.

I have small, pinkish bumps in my groin area that appeared in the last 2-3 weeks. I think. I honestly don't remember when they showed up. But that is my best estimate. They don't hurt, burn, sting, anything of that sort. If I touch them, I basically feel nothing, although I know they're there, if that makes sense. They might be slightly itchy for a few seconds after I touch them, but that's about it.

I would upload a picture, but I'm not sure how. So the best way I can describe them is some sort of cross between a very small pimple and a very small skin tag, but pinkish in color. But I know it's neither of those, because I have both of those and they look different.

These bumps are not widespread. There's a few of them in a small patch, and maybe four or five others spread out on their own.

I'm guessing the only thing this could be (out of the things I got tested for) is Herpes. So it's critical that I find out if 30 days was long enough for a blood test to determine the presence of Herpes. But the presence of this, whatever it is, makes me question all of them as well, even though I highly doubt these bumps represent any of the other ones.

Another thing I'm taking into consideration is how long it has been; it has been a year and 9 months since that encounter, and that is the only encounter that could have possibly produced any STD whatsoever. And given that this is the first sign of anything, I'm wondering what it could possibly be. If Herpes shows up quicker than a year and 9 months, what could it be?

I know this is a lot of information to take in. I apologize for the rambling. I'm just a bit concerned at the moment. I appreciate any help you can give. Thank you.
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Avatar m tn
Not sure how learned we are here, but I'll have a go.

Your testing eliminated gonorrhea and chlamydia which would be conclusive after 30 days. They were possible with an active throat infection or sores in the mouth caused by these.

A duo test for antigen and antibodies is conclusive for HIV after 30 days. There are no documented cases of HIV transmission from insert ice oral.

For syphilis, a 12 week test is preferred, this was a tiny chance in the first instance.

Did you definitely have an IgG antibody test for HSV1 and HSV2? Have you ever had oral cold sores? If you have an oral HSV1 infection, then no realistic chance of a genital HSV1 infection. Commercial tests miss 1 in 10 oral infections.

At 30 days post infection, 60% of people will test positive for herpes IgG antibodies. Did you have IgM antibody tests as well? Most every infected person has seroconverted by 12 weeks hence this is the recommended window period.

If you were infected, then there was a 60-75% chance that you'd have had some symptoms including a lesion outbreak. Others experience no symptoms and then may not notice any for years if ever.

HSV2 is not a realistic chance as it sheds so infrequently from the mouth.

Your symptoms do not sound herpes related at all, but surely a good idea to get it seen to by a medical professional.

How does that stack up?
Avatar m tn
Thank you for all of the information! I appreciate it!

I'm not sure exactly what tests they did. All I know is they took blood for all of them except gonorrhea and chlamydia. They did the swab one for those.

So is it a general rule that after 12 weeks is the best time to get tested for all of them? Does hepatitus (hepatitis) fall into that same period? I just want to know in case there's ever another scare.

As for the herpes, I have had a sore in my mouth before. I had a painful one in my mouth a few months ago. It looked exactly like a canker sore though. I don't think that's herpes related. And I haven't had any bumps or sores near my groin area up until this particular one. A lot of the pictures on Google of herpes look like sores with a "crater" type center (that's the best I can describe it). That's not what mine looks like. They look like tiny pink pimples, but they pop up from the skin similar (but not exact) to a skin tag. I've had pimples before, and they go away quicker than this, or at least change shape and color. These haven't changed. Some of the pictures of herpes on Google look like this, but I have no idea if those were just mislabeled or what, because most of the pictures of herpes look like "craters" or major sores, which this isn't either of those.

I definitely want to go get tested again though. If for no other reason than to put my mind at ease.
Avatar m tn
Do not look at herpes pictures online, many of them are not herpes at all. Often they are people, perhaps not unlike yourself, asking whether they are are herpes.

A good rule is anything you test for in terms of antibodies in blood, including hepatitis, then 12 weeks is required to be conclusive. For some STDs and other things, testing that looks for the actual bacteria or virus itself, then 1-4 weeks will be usually be conclusive.

A good idea to get properly tested for HSV, IgG antibodies type specific for HSV1 and HSV2.
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