We both have Genital HSV2, is oral sex safe?
by MightyMouse4, Sep 11, 2011
I have been newly infected with genital HSV2, two months ago. Antibodies have shown up on my test. I've started dating someone who has had HSV2 genital for 3 years and he also has HSV1 orally since a child. I realize I will most likely contract HSV1 from him, but is it safe for me to perform oral sex on him? Should I wait for more antibodies to build up in my system? I'm reading conflicting info on whether or not I can get hsv2 orally.
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by gracefromHHP, Sep 11, 2011
actually having hsv2 provides you with significant protection against contracting hsv1. Just avoid kissing him when he has an obvious cold sore to err on the side of caution but if you didn't have hsv1 already, odds are you won't contract it now.

yes you can both perform oral on each other. Just avoid doing so when you have obvious genital symptoms.

I will gladly take a look at your test results if you want to post them to make sure you don't need additional testing done to confirm your own hsv2 status. Just post the numeric results - e.g. hsv1 igg .34 and hsv2 igg 3.9 or whatever they are.

by MightyMouse4, Sep 11, 2011


My test results for HSV 1 as well as several other STDs were all negative.

Thank you for the information grace. I'm trying to get the facts straight and you pretty much answered my question. Don't know if you could answer this as well, but do you know if touching someone's genitals is okay as long as there's no obvious outbreak?

Thank you in advance

by gracefromHHP, Sep 12, 2011
thank you for posting those. A hsv2 over 5 is a true positive and doesn't need any further testing to confirm.

the igm test result can be ignored - it's a very flawed test and current recommendations are that it not be used to test adults for herpes.

what do you mean by touching someone's genitals?  you touching someone who doesn't have hsv2 or someone touching your genitals?

by MightyMouse4, Sep 12, 2011
I mean, is it safe for my boyfriend and I to touch each others' genitals (obviously when there's no visible outbreak)? I would assume its okay too, since we both have HSV2 genital. Thats all I meant.  Thanks Grace.
by gracefromHHP, Sep 12, 2011
both of you having hsv2, is the same as neither of you having it other than just don't perform oral on open genital lesions to err on the side of caution. otherwise no worries. you won't make each others infections 'worse" or trigger ob's or anything else.
by dbree, Sep 15, 2011
hi grace, is it possible to get genital herpes from an unprotected blow job if the person has genital herpes, but with no signs of symptoms? eg no sores or anything. I'm just confused if they have the genital virus and can spread it from their mouth to my penis? say for example, you seem to be alright to kiss someone who has the coldsore virus as long as they do not have a cold sore, or are about to get a cold sore and you wont get infected? If this makes any sense?
by gracefromHHP, Sep 16, 2011
you can still contract hsv1 orally even when someone doesn't have an active cold sore present. The risk of such is lower just because someone isn't shedding hsv1 orally 24/7/365 andn when they have an active cold sore you know they are shedding actively.

if someone only has herpes genitally, they won't give it to you if they are performing oral sex on you. You can potentially contract their herpes orally if you perform oral on them ( if you didn't have that type genitally yourself already ), but the risk of such is pretty low in general.
by missymoo1991, Jun 19, 2012
Hi Grace!

I just found out that I have genital herpes and I told my bf but he says he wont give oral anymore but I still give him oral. I really enjoy it... Do I really need to give that up? He isnt sure if he has it yet or not. He will be getting tested soon. I just really want to know if he can still give me oral.
by Vegas22, Jul 06, 2012
Should a HSV 2 iGg result of 1.22 be retested to confirm positive? My girlfriend has 1.22 for HSV 2, and 4.22 for HSV 1.

This thread was really informative; thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide!