blisters from masturbation?
by chiky65, Apr 03, 2012
about 3 weeks ago, after masturbating, I realized tiny blisters on the shaft of my penis. I am sexually active, but with same partner. The blisters were small and red/rash like. They did not scab and went away in 3-5 days. after waiting until the blisters healed, I masturbated again and the blisters came back and went away again.no scabs. I use lotion and thought maybe it was the lotion, so I used a different lotion, but still came back.  The blisters get really red and irritated when I masturbate. I now have a small blister on top of my penis hole. I do not know what it can be beside herpes. I do have jock itch. maybe it is that? Please give an opinion. Thanks!
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by gracefromHHP, Apr 04, 2012
not sure what lotion you are using but if it isn't a lotion formulated for use for sex or on the genitals, not a good idea to use it ( don't use hand lotions, scented body lotions or shower gels to masturbate is the take home message here ).  

the best thing to do is to be seen and get these looked at. is it likely that it's herpes that is only showing up when you masturbate - no it is not.  

while it's on your mind, have you and your partner had full std testing that included herpes testing prior to becoming intimate together? herpes isn't a part of routine std testing so it's well worth talking about it with your partner if you aren't sure how you each were tested and for what you were both tested for.