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cofuse between igg and igm
am a bit confuse. i got tested for herpes. my igg tested negative and my igm tested positve with a range of 1.1. one of the doctor said i need to retest cause my range is low, another doctor said that i am positive for herpes, where as another doctor concluded to say i should not worry cause my igg is negative and igm should be disregared. i got tested after 2 months and a week after having unprotected sex.
is it because of an early infection (if it is) thats why the igg is not present in my body as yet. i have been reading a lot on igm and it was discovered that the test is unreliable and is common forfalse positive. can u helpclear up my worries am scared to death.

my result was .90 negsative for igg antibodies to hsv2
1.00 positive for igm antibodies to hsv2
range0.5 (that was for the igg test)

the igm
.90 seronegative for igg
1.00 seropositive for igm
range 1.1
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