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ghsv-1 - never any blistering? similar to world's worst yeast infec...
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ghsv-1 - never any blistering? similar to world's worst yeast infection?

Hi, I was recently diagnosed a few months ago with HSV-1 via blood tests. I have not ever had a cold sore, but had the world's worst yeast infection from May through July. Or at least what my OB/GYN thought was a yeast infection that would not heal.

Due to a new sexual partner who swore up and down that he was STD-free (stupid stupid I know to believe him!), & because I'd known him for awhile, I thought that I was ok. Turns out that he gave me oral sex after he'd thought that a cold sore above his lip had healed, but guessing it had not!

Well, I never had any of the "typical" herpes symptoms, no blistering, no ulcers, etc. but just a really, really irritated cervix. My OB/GYN did two sets of swab testing in May & June, both showing negative for herpes (1 & 2). After being so uncomfortable for a month a half, in late June, I finally went & saw a second physician to get a 2nd opinion. He told me that the swab that he did also didn't show positive for herpes, but that my bloodwork showed up positive for HSV-1. When I'd asked him if that meant that I had it orally or genitally, he told me not to worry, eventually I would find out! :0  I was floored & really upset! The 2nd opinion doc seemed really irritated with me asking 20 questions, & told me that he'd happy to write me a lifetime Rx for Valtrex if it would make me feel better, but that it was probably not necessary since "everyone pretty much has hsv-1"!!!!

I'm pissed at the guy that gave me this. I tested negative (via blood test) for herpes 1 & 2 earlier this year (I get my complete blood work done regularly annually, & was negative for HSV in March!).

Has anyone (women) with GHSV-1 ever have the same scenario happen to them? I have not ever had a single lesion, ulcer, blister, etc. of any kind, & I have been fairly religious about scoping things out like clockwork ever since.

I feel ashamed, dirty, & gross, & loathe myself for letting this happen. I'm an adult, & I know I should have known better. The crappiest part is that the guy that gave this to me has been rather indifferent to me ever since. He said that the bloodwork was probably wrong, & even if I did have it, what's the big deal anyways? Everyone has it, right?

Now, I'm taking 1 gram of Valtrex daily, plus 1 gram of bee propolis & have tried to watch my diet. I am terrified of ever passing such a thing on to anyone else. The second OB said that it's highly possible that I will not ever have a full outbreak the way that some people do, or that the May-July period was my first (& possibly last outbreak). Has anyone had anything similar happen? In May, I did have what I think was the prodrome phase, it felt like something crawling under my skin.  

I wish that there was something I could do to increase the chances of getting rid of this virus once & for all forever. Does anyone know how to enroll in test trials for new drugs? Is there a way to go ahead & put your name on a waiting list?

Any advice or experiences are greatly appreciated. I have not even told my mom yet or any girlfriends. I know that my mom would almost certainly shun me, & tell me that this is all my own fault, & that I deserve to suffer the consequences.
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Hi first of all you may not have hsv1 in the genital area. Swabs are very accurate for showing a positive but infamous for showing a false negative. Herpes swabs are only effective when taken from a sore within 48 hours after appearing so the swabs were kind of meaning less if you did not have a sore present. Also herpes outbreaks dont last a straight 2 months non stop. The sore appears, breaks open and other sore appear in the immediate area, scab over and heal, all in about 2 weeks.
There is a chance you may not have hsv1 in the genital area but only oral. When the doctor said you find out which area, i beleive they were referring to having a outbreak.
As soon as you have a blister type sore develop either genital or oral have it swabed within 48 hours, this will confirm your status.
By the way, people only take antivirals when having recurrent outbreaks.

Also did you have the "yeast" infection swabbed for hereps?
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Thanks for your response Life.

Yes, I had the "yeast infection" swabbed multiple times, but wondered if it was too late by the time I made it to the doctor. I basically went to the two doctors & was told that I had a very irritated cervix & a yeast infection that would not seem to heal. But the yeast infection didn't have any normal, white discharge like yeast infections I had in the past. Never had any symptoms orally. Tingling, itchiness & swelling (prodrome ?) symptoms were all down there. I still get this incredible itchy feeling every so often, but it passes a few hours later. Prior to all of this, I'd had maybe 2 or 3 yeast infections ever in my entire life!

I take the Rx to try to ensure that I never, ever have an outbreak or pass this crap on to anyone else...
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a herpes infection would not linger like that.  you don't need to be taking valtrex for herpes since it's not likely at all that it's a genital hsv1 infection. odds are your hsv1 is oral and you've had it for awhile. even though you tested negative on earlier blood testing, even the best blood tests still frequently miss hsv1 infections.  

we also don't recommend daily suppressive therapy for hsv1 genitally anyways. we have no proof that it reduces transmission of hsv1 genitally and hsv1 genitally already rarely sheds and is unlikely to be transmitted to a partner's genitals.  we have no proof that taking valtrex daily for hsv1 orally reduces transmission to a partner either.  

if they were swabbing you for yeast and it was coming back + for yeast, you had a yeast issue.  at this point if it's finally cleared up, no way to figure out why it lingered. many yeast infections are not accompanied by discharge too.   not too unusual to get yeast infections like that in women. as our bodies age, our hormones change and sometimes we just get a strain of vaginal yeast that likes to hang on.  

should your sy,symptoms return, be seen again promptly.  make sure they are properly testing for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally and not just visually diagnosing you too.

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