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suspected herpes need advide
Hi i am a 24 year old male and i am getting very anxious about things that have happened to me in the last year and a half. around november last year i descovered a penile rash which disapeared in two weeks. then it reoccured in january. Then in april on the 21st it happened again. it was burning in sensation bright red and got alittle bumpy in character. I had some pain on urination and it was itchy the pain was unbariable. this lasted for three months. also two sore spots appeared at the base of the shaft of my penis. I went to my GP and my GUM clinic a month after the symptoms appeared cause i was so scared. I had a full sexual health screen which came bk negative including PCR swab of the rash and a HSV type specific serology which came back negative. it has been a year since then and had no true reccurance i have had some redness on the glans of my penis and the doctor thought it was all some kind of dermitits and gave me daktakort ointment 1% hydrocortisone and mictronidazol and to shower and wash that area with aqueouse cream.

Since then i have noticed 3 small pea sized rubbery non fixed lymph nodes in my right groin. Also i have been feeling more tiered than usual and noticed a persistant fluctuating cold sensation on the inside of my two thighs.

my past medical history:
baby had a crypatacocadism
right inguinal hernia repair last feb (2011)
IBS related diarrhea in last year treated with mebavadine

Sexual history:
Not in a relationship
have had multiple sexual partners
Do practise safe sex but on occasions i havnt orall sex without protection
never paid for sex or been pain for sex
Never used IV drugs or had sex with someone who has to my knowlag
never had sex with men or women who have sex with me

So down to it i am very worried that i have herpes even though the tests are negative also these lyph nodes are worrying me as they are painful.

would love some advice

best wishes
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