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transmission odds
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transmission odds

I am male and have HSV-1 genital

Since I started researching about HSV I am aware of tones of statistics concernig transmission.

Does anybody have citation or facts about odds to transmit
HSV-1 genital to oral if partner has already aquired HSV-1 genital,
HSV-1 genital to genital if partner has already aquired HSV-1 orally? Or are the odds the same since the body produced antibodies anyway and the origion of infection doesn't matter?
HSV-1 genital during outbreak (unnoticed) to non infected Oral
HSV-1 genital during outbreak (unnoticed) to non infected genital
HSV-1 genital during outbreak (unnoticed) to oral if partner already aquired HSV-1 genital

I would appreciate and facts, odds, or transmsission rates or estimates. I am collecting any kind of data to clearify and gain a better understanding.
Thanks already

Futher I also read that 25% of HSV-1 genetal positves dont shed at all times. (Only about one quarter of people with genital HSV- 1 shed virus at all in the absence of symptoms, while 55% of people with HSV-2 do (Wald, New England Journal of Medicine, 1995).
Is that true(havent seen many statements like that) and how can that be confirmed since you cant test for asymptomic viral sheeding, can you?
I though statistic on viral shedding originate from studies of transmitting chances b/w outbreaks.

Thank you
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Avatar m tn
This disease is SOOOO variable that giving statistics is only a real rough playing field!! Why don't you ask what you have done and we can tell you how risky you were!! I think this is what you are really shooting for anyhow... Do you think you were put at risk?
Avatar n tn
Actually no, I was really looking for just some numbers or estimates so I can understnd better the circumstances about how contagious HSV-1 is in my situation to others.
As I mentioned I got genitla HSV-1 and would right now most importantly know what the odds of transmission are to someone else that has HSV-1 genital as well: genital to oral.
And if sexual intercourse without OBs would worsen or compound the frequency and intesity of possible future outbreaks.

And I am just curious about the other odds to understand the nature of transmission better.

I guess there hasnt been a study of transimtting HSV-1 to orla area if both have it already have genital HSV-1 with a sample big enough to tell me a creditable answere. Or to any of those questions I asked in the first post.
So I guess estimates based on other studies and experiences would help me a lot.
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Here are a couple of articles for you -



These will help answer your questions.

We have no stats on transmitting hsv1 or 2 during an outbreak.  It would be unethical for anyone to even try that.

Avatar m tn
hence the HIGHLY VARIABLE disease deal I was telling you about. The stats that are published are made up of individual studies but I can tell you HSV1 sheds a lot less than 2. :)
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