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High Blood Pressure 34 age
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High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is a reading of 140 (systolic) over 90 (diastolic), or higher and can often lead to heart disease and can often be made worse by high-salt diets. Discuss topics including good low-salt diets, heart disease and treatments.

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High Blood Pressure 34 age

im 34 y old male. was detected HCV in 2003 and cured in 2009 (SVR). i do smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day and usually have drink at some special events (3-4 time in a year). 5.3" height 57 weight. All time sitting on chair while on job. increased belly. No exercise except 20 minutes cycling daily.

5 days ago i ate meat (beef) in lunch. In the evening felt heavy headed, headache and pressure on face. Got checked BP that was 140/100. Dr advised to drink 2 glass of water and sleep. i did so. Next morning i was feeling ok. Yesterday in the evening i felt again the same condition and BP was again 140/100. Dr advised to get frequent readings for 2-3 days and then to contact him. i hv started morning walk of 1 hour daily. avoiding meat and salt intake. i m much worried why it is happening with me. And what should i do. Please help.
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First, I strongly doubt that a mildly elevated blood pressure of 140/100 will cause any symptoms. In all of us, the blood pressure will hit that level, and probably higher, during certain circumstances, like walking, cycling, climbing stairs, etc. At peak exercise, our blood pressure often climbs up to 200 systolic and during weightlifting it can be even higher, also the diastolic.

That said, you may have reactions both increasing blood pressure AND producing your symptoms. It's not easy for me (not being a doctor) to suggest what conditions or reactions that may cause this. Your blood pressure doesn't seem dangerous now, but it should of course be kept monitored and a cause, if any, should be found and treated. Exercise and reducing salt intake is always great and will reduce blood pressure no matter what the cause for a high blood pressure is. Follow up with your doctor and please tell us what you find out :)

Good luck!
First I thank you for responding my question………… I went to Doctor yesterday and told him all my patient history and recent health complaints i.e. high blood pressure, acidity and indigestion…….. he checked me thoroughly and said that he  has found some symptoms of mild depression and liver disturbance…He said you are not patient of high BP and there is no need to check BP again…… he recommended for SGPT and SGOT. The numbers were as under:-

SGPT    47          Maximum limit 42
SGOT   54          Maximum limit 45

After watching these figures, he advised me for some medicines for a week and also some further tests that are:-

Cap Esomega 40 mg       1-1
Syp Ulsamic 2-2-2
Tab PK-Merz 1-1
Syp Levijan/ Hepamerz 1-1

1. Fasting lipid profile.
2. PCR Qualitative for HCV RNA
3. Anti HBs Titer

I asked doctor why he is recommending for PCR Qualitative for HCV RNA when I have got SVR? He said that I am suspicious about the quality of test which I got after 6 months of interferon tx……….. I am much worried about his statement.
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