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High Diastolic BP
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High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is a reading of 140 (systolic) over 90 (diastolic), or higher and can often lead to heart disease and can often be made worse by high-salt diets. Discuss topics including good low-salt diets, heart disease and treatments.

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High Diastolic BP


I went to the dr a few weeks a go. A visit really stresses me out! I feel like I dontknow whats going on, its basically an anxiety atact that lasts for the entire visit.

My BP at the office was 170/95 (from what I remember) pulse was 125.  The doctor was great and as soon as he looked at that he said I need to be on medication.

High BP runs in the family and I have purchased a monitor, I have been using it for several weeks before the visit.
At home by  BP averages 120/87. I do see peaks in the measurements such as 147/97, typically when I sit and measure right away or when I am thinking about the measurments and what they mean. After the first high reading a deep breath and 1 or 2 minutes of rest my readings go down to between 125-130/83-88.
I mentioned this to my dr. he suggested I have a faulty monitor, so I bought  and retured another 2 monitors to check if the readings were consistent, and they were.

If I remove the first high reading (right after walking downstairs and being anxious about the readings) by average bp is 119/83. Is this the correct measure of should I take all the measures to get a correct average.

Based on this home bp would I be required to take meds? I really would prefer not to.
I have changed my diet and started running and excercising on a regular basis. I am about 15lbs over weight.

Hi, I don't think (or hope) a measuring where you have a heart rate of 125 would represent your normal blood pressure.

What I can say, is that in my country (Norway) you would not have been treated for hypertension based on your numbers (average BP of 119/83, and occational spikes / white coat hypertension, given that your monitor is correct, which it seems it is), but from what I understand, US guidelines are more strict regarding treating white coat hypertension.

My diastolic also increases if i'm feeling weak, afraid or uncomfortable (with cold hands and feet, etc), where my systolic increases more if I'm scared or threatened, along with a burst in the heart rate.

A great way to know if you need treatment or not is to ask for a 24 hour monitoring. That will tell you what your average blood pressure is during a normal day and night, and if it is elevated, something must be done. If it's normal, it's normal.

I don't think it's more complicated :)
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