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Kidney disease
My CRF kitty started exhibiting symptoms 2 weeks ago.  I am administering fluids at home and she is doing much better; however, Epakitin has been cautiously recommended, but concerns about calcium levels has me doubting it's in the cat's best interest.  She is an extremely finicky and nervous cat.  As she has lost weight over the last year, the vet suggested Royal Canin's Recovery RS and it's the only thing she'll consider eating.  I would appreciate any recommendations as to homeopathic or herbal remedies to support her kidneys.  My problem is administering meds as she foams at the mouth and gags when she is pilled or syringed.  I'm hoping for a "palatable" supplement for this very feisty little feline.

Thanks in advance for your anticipated response.
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I am sorry to hear about your cat.

With BUN and creatinine values at the levels you indicated above, generally intravenous fluids for 3 days are very helpful to reduce these levels initially and after that SQ fluids given at home are indicated. you might want to discuss this with your vet.

Aluminum Hydroxide (ALOH) is far superior to Epikacin to bind and reduce the phosphorus levels and it contains no calcium. Your hunch about Epikacin is correct! Epikacin is basically an outdated phosphate binder that unfortunately is still being prescribed but current internal medicine kidney specialists recommend and use ALOH.

In my experience as a traditionally trained veterinarian who incorporates holistic therapies, where and when appropriate, we have found that these cats also benefit from the essential fatty acids in fish oil. We have had success with our chronic kidney failure cats patients using a natural patented vitamin supplement called VitaLife, which also contain fish oils in the form of EPA and DHA.

The Chinese Herbal Formula that is safe and recommended for cats in chronic renal failure, like yours, is called Rehmannia 8. The suggested starting dose of granular concentrate is 1/4 teaspoon per 10-15 pounds of body weight given at least once daily.  

Rehmannia 8 has been found to be more effective for chronic kidney failure in Cats versus Rehmannia 6 because the Cinnamon and Aconite in Rehmannia 8 increase circulation which apparently promotes renal clearance and elimination of toxins by the kidneys. This is geared to help reduce BUN and Creatinine.

An appropriate herbal formula such as Rehmannia 8 is considered to be the most important aspect of Chinese Medical Treatment of Chronic Kidney Failure.

Acupuncture may be used to enhance the effectiveness of the herbal approach. Acupuncture points of importance include KI 3, BL 23, GV 4 and CV 4 (if accessible).

Acupuncture may reflexively increase blood flow through the kidneys further promoting renal or kidney clearance of toxins.

I hope this information is helpful.

Thank you,

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM
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