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Seizures your thoughts nutrition problem?
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Seizures your thoughts nutrition problem?

Okay our Aussie is around 3/4 years old - not sure.  He came from the road.  He had never been in the house, was underweight and not cared for.

We took him in.  A few months ago he had a seizure.  The vet said wait and see if frequency changes.  he had another and we read online to give him honey.  The honey stopped the grand mal quickly so we assumed it was a drop in his blood sugar as they were happening in the middle of the night.  We began feeding him a small snack right before bed... Seemed to work

On labor day he had one at 6 in the morning.  We gave him the honey...worked and then fed him we thought all was well.  At 6 pm he had another then at midnight he had another. This went on all night every 1-2 hours he had one - Each seizure was less then 1.5 minutes and we gave him 1 syringe of honey during the seizure and two tablespoons of vanilla ice cream after - we also frquently offered his food.

The vet took blood = gave him a dose of valium and started him on Phenobarbital.  He came hom later in the day they observed him for the day (He had 3 seizues there)    He had the rest of the seizures through that evening and night and they stopped the next morning at 6:30am.  That was 2 days ago.  

He is still very confused (though he had lots of seizues before the vet he knew who we were i'm not sure if it's the meds or the after effects but he is horribly afraid of us now.  He is droolig and pacing and crying/barking.

Anyway we are hoping that behavior will subside.  The vet drew blood and said everything was just fine.  There are two things on there i'm concerned over.   (The blood was drawn at 9:13 am which was as soon as he got there.  He had eaten through the night had tons of honey and ice cream as well)

The first that seemed odd was his
ALKP - The vet said that this is unusual but doesn't mean anything
ALKP - (Normal 23-212) Reading was 16.
I read that this has something to do with Malnutrition or Starvation.  He is fed premium dog foods so there is no reason for this.  Though I will say he has had health issues we attribute to his checkered past.  In the last year he has had kennel cough and warts in his mouth which apparently is attributed to weakened immune system.

The other is his LIPA
LIP (Normal) 200-1800 Reading was 4260
Alls I found on this is it has something to do with the Pancreas.

Do you have any thoughts I'd greatly appreciate the help.
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I don't know anything about the lab values but maybe you should find a vet hospital (or teaching hospital), somewhere that has numerous vets that you can use for second opinions.

Sometimes a larger clinic sees more of the unusual cases and has expertise and access to other tests and knowledge that one vet practise may not have/be aware of.
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