Can you have sex with genital warts?
by nc198822, Aug 31, 2010
If you have a tiny wart or two..or any warts, can you have sex?
I'm in a commited relationship with the same person for 2 years and so far he is fine..

We would definitely use condoms when I KNOW I have an outbreak to have atleast some protection for him..

But my main concern is will the warts spread because of intercourse?
We don't do to much foreplay because I am afraid to do so ever since I was diagnosed...don't want too much rubbing of our skin to further spread the virus. I don't even know if you can use foreplay with warts without spreading it more on YOURSELF??
I'm afraid for the warts to spread within my vulva
Would they spread INSIDE of there or outside from sex?

Also, I always clean myself after there a proper way during an outbreak to do so?

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by coljac29, Aug 31, 2010
Hey NC, im sure a few other members will help you with this post but i will help you where i can with what i know.

Basically for firsts, you should not have sex when you have warts presents as this is when they are most contagious and obviously you are more likely to transmit them to partners.

You say you have been with the same person for 2 years, it does not say when you were told you had genital warts but either way if you do have warts, chances are your partners has caught them from you as condoms do not cover the entire area infected. (Amiee and myself had a debate about wheather it is just the warts contagious or not)

From what you have said assuming you have infected your partner, there is no need to worry about the warts spreading to other areas or making the warts worse for you or your partners. In relationships most people just stay together, get treated, and over a period of time considor themselves 'cured' and move on.

You say 'whenever you have an outbreak', how long have you been having outbreaks, as most people just have one outbreak and then have them treated again and eventually the warts do surpress.

by nc198822, Aug 31, 2010
Thank you for responding!

I was diagnosed when I was 17 and I am now 22.
For some reason, my immune system hasn't grasped onto surpressing the virus. I don't know why and it's disheartening because I'm a constant worrier about things like this and sexual health. I've been taking echinachea on and off through out the years but never really stuck to it routinely..same with a multivitamin. From what I've noticed in the past, I only had like one or two tiny ones show up on seperate occassions in the past 5 years. I'm trying to tackle that now and stick to taking my vitamins religiously every day. My dr said I may have been exposed to another hpv because "the warts shouldn't be a problem still". So, maybe my partner has already been exposed to hpv before me and has now passed that new one to me? I have no idea.
She treated me earlier this month for a few small warts with the acid and I've had a few other tiny ones show up around the same area..but on the opposite side, that she also treated 2 weeks ago. But now I also have another tiny one..which I might just leave alone and see how long it takes to go away naturally. They never really hurt at all..

Do you know if I should be washing myself in any particular way? Especially when I have an outbreak?

& you say they shouldn't spread on myself because of sex? How come they say not to touch them because they will spread? STI's are so confusing to me!

btw, i've been having abnormal paps for the past year..and supposedly the last one I had, shows improvement in the cells. :/  but somehow im having an outbreak suddenly this month? i did stop birth control for a month and went back on.

by coljac29, Sep 01, 2010
Yes your DR is right in saying it is abnormal for you to still be having an issue with this after 5 years. You may very well have been exposed to another genital wart strain since your last. I am surprised you say your boyfriend has not shown any signs of warts but not everybody shows symptoms.

Did your DR bio the warts to make sure they are indeed warts?

With washing i personally have not read anything saying anyting in particular.
They are not spread by sex as it is believed that the whole genital area is infected and therefore you cannot spread the warts as the areas are already infected.
by nc198822, Sep 01, 2010
My dr didn't do a bio on the warts to make sure they're warts. I've just gone to 3 doctors in my time with the supposed warts and they've all just looked at them and said that's indeed what they are.  I guess detecting hpv in my pap smears, has backed that up for them as well. So they never said anything to me about questioning if they really are warts or not.

Thank you for all the other information!! It's helped me a lot. :]
by sanata, Sep 01, 2010
As most of medical professionals recommend , you shouldn't have sex when having HPV with a person without hpv..
by alexdelong, Sep 01, 2010
I disagree.

Most medical professionals recommend informing partners of a recent HPV diagnosis Because HPV is so common, and hard to diagnose, a diagnosis of HPV is not reason alone to put sexual relations on hold. Partners should be aware of the risk so they can decide if the risk is acceptable.
by coljac29, Sep 01, 2010
This is the hpv that causes warts however and as a result this should be put on hold untill the warts have cleared.
by russty, Sep 02, 2010
Yeah the warts I got are so small that all the docs I whent to just said no, you dont have warts, yet they could never give me a reason of why my tool was so bothersome!!! and yet there wasn't one that said you sould see a dermatologist???  funny how they all(most) told me.... the internet is not a good place to look for information, well they sure werent very helpfull!!!!!!!!!!!!
by girlindistress, Sep 03, 2010
yea the only way to confirm them 100% is a biopsy.  I went to 3 gynos...1st said yes, 2nd said they were 100% sure it was NOT warts, the third said he thought so but the only way to know for sure was a biopsy (which no one has told me before that) and sure enough, they were.   Even though it was painful, it was well worth being cut into.  Cause if it's just a non-contagious skin thing then there is nothing to worry about!