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Genital Warts PLEASE HELP
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Genital Warts PLEASE HELP

hi...i'm 26 y.o. VIRGIN female
Female condoms
Female sexual dysfunction
.. 3 days ago I noticed a small wart on the opening of my vagina,
i never had a sexual
Causes of sexual dysfunction
Erection problems
Female sexual dysfunction
Sexual problems overview
Causes of painful intercourse
Sexual intercourse - painful
, just a foreplay (vagina had skin to skin contact with Penis
Cancer - penis
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Penis care (uncircumcised)
Penis pain

Causes of painful intercourse
Sexual intercourse - painful
I immediately went to the dermatologist, the doctor said that i have genital warts, the doctor advice me to have Pap
Pap smear
Pap smears and cervical cancer
test, i'm really scarred with pap test, because i'm still virgin, never had a sexual intercourse..

My question is:
1. should i have a pap test? its really scarred because i am still virgin, it will very hurt, the doctor a pap test is necessary to  protect my is true? any advice for me? or other way?
2. if someone have Genital warts, she must have a pap test?
3. should i have Gardasil shot even i have already have genital warts?  or it will be useless? because i have been infected
4. any advice so my immune system can win against HPV? so eventually the virus will stop causing symptoms or reappear
5. if someone never had sexual intercourse. can HPV life on her cervic?

please help...
sorry for my bad english
thank you
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Avatar f tn
If you never had sexual intercourse then you don't have anything to worry about. I don't think you have the virus.
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