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Genital warts concern ( I am particularly seeking Dr. HHH's respons...
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Genital warts concern ( I am particularly seeking Dr. HHH's response)

Dear Dr.HHH:

First off, thank you very much for reading this and I got concerns that I need you to help me out.

So here is the thing: on September 24th this year(2011), my friend and I went to a massage parlour here in

Canada. As I haven't had sex for nearly 1.5 years ever since I split up with my ex-girlfriend, so I wanted to

"release myself" a little bit ( I know I made a mistake). On that night, I had a protected sex with a girl with condom,

but before that,she gave me an unprotected oral sex including shaft and scrotum. I immediately washed my

genitals after having sex with her and left. Actually, she told me that she's a student who works at massage parlour

for only 1 week; therefore, I believed her then. But after nearly 9 to 10 days I believe it was on Oct. 4th or 5th sth

I found my both groins were very itchy and damp, so I believe I got "Jock Itch" again, as I wore a pair of thick jeans

indoors for an entire day. However, surprisingly, I found there's a small "zit" or "wart" thing on my left scrotum, it did

not hurt, I felt a little bit nerves about that and left it there. After 5 days (Oct. 10th, 2011) that "zit" thing is still there,

so I did a lot of research online and found there's something called "genital warts caused by HPV", I was scared

and went to a walk-in clinic right away on that day. The doctor there quickly checked it, he asked me:" are you in a

long-term relationship"? I told him: " I had sex with a girl that I barely knew, lately", and he made the conclusion that

I got genital warts w/o asking when did that happen. I was devastated  when I heard that, he used a sizzling swob

zapped that "wart" away and told me that the HPV will be with me for the rest of my life. On that day, I also tested

my blood and urine for HIV ( I don't know the results now, since the doctor didn't contact me in 2 weeks).  It has

been 2 weeks since that clinic visit and the "wart" or "zit" thing on my left scrotum had gone after being zapped, and

I couldn't even be able to locate it anymore.

My concern is: as you mentioned that HPV genital warts usually occur

after a few months, but my "wart" occured only in10 days? Is this a real "genital wart"? I didn't know how to

describe my feelings after that doctor told me I got HPV and I had the worst week last week in my lifetime. Dr. HHH,

please analyze my case and give me a comparatively definite answer. Thank you very much in advance doctor,

hope you have a great day!

Best regards,
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Answers from other medical experts are also highly appreciated!
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If you want to ask Dr. HHH, you have to post this in the experts forum, where you will need to pay $20 for an answer. Also, this doesn't guarantee that you will get dr. HHH as both Dr. Hook and Dr. HHH answer the questions in the expert forum.

a Wart or zit appearing after just less than 2 weeks is kinda soon but that doesn't mean it hasn't happend to people.

The best thing to have done is gone to see a dermatologist, they are the best to get a diagnosis from in this case. However, since you already zapped the wart, dont know how much it will help.

Your Doctor is wrong about this being lifelong, well there are difference of opinions on the virus.

Try searching this forum and read other replies and posts from people.

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Thank you so much Griever3000!
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