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HPV CNI1/Mild Dysplasia
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HPV CNI1/Mild Dysplasia

Hello ladies,

I want to start out by saying that these forums are an excellent source of support and you should all be so proud of yourselves for being so strong and courageous. As we all have learned, sometimes a routine visit to the gyno can result in a great deal of uncertainty and a feeling of hopelessness as often times medical practitioners do not fully explain the details of an abnormal pap. My story is very similar to many on this website. Let's start by saying I am 31 years young ;-) and very active. I eat a healthy pescatarian (fish only) diet, don't smoke for 3-4 years now, practice yoga everyday (including pranayama and meditation), do intense cardio training 3x a week and try to stay mentally and physically balanced (not so easy).

In March of 2010 after a few abnormal pap smears throughout the years (only ASC-US and doctors always telling me to return in 6 months for another smear), I was diagnosed with LSIL: CIN-1/HPV. High-risk HPV I was told. Hmmm. Ok, then I was sent straight away for a colposcopy which was done April 2010. The results were noted as per the doctor, "On examination today I did a colposcopy. There was a mild aceto white lesion around the Os consistent with a low-grade abnormality. This was also mildly iodine negative. I biopsied the area and repeated the smear. I think this can be managed conservatively but i will wait for results." Yes, I always ask for copies of my doctor's notes and you should all practice the same policy! ;-) I have no clue what Os means though and probably should have asked in hindsight.

Ok, well my pap smear 6 months later in Nov 2010 was read as normal and I was told to return in 12 months. I should mention that this all happened while I was overseas living in New Zealand.

Needless to say, I went to the doctor back home here in the US and very happy I did NOT wait a year to return.
So here I am. Waiting for an appt. to go for another colposcopy. Ahh the waiting.
I had many other health problems last year like being contracted with parasites twice and losing almost 25 lbs. Having frequent UTI's also sent me to the doctor frequently. It's been a mess.

My question is, 'is CNI-1 the next progressive step after ASUS or are they one of the same? I can't seem to find that answer anywhere online! My other question is if I can become clear or this virus or at least keep it dormant forever!, if I have already passed this unknowingly to my dear boyfriend, can he re-infect me? Anyone have any experience with this? Also, does anyone know if women over the age of 30 are less likely to be able to clear HPV from attacking the body? My final question is whether anyone has thought of or had any experience with the birth control pill and hpv?! Is there any connection? I am wondering if I should stop taking it for some time.... I am currently and unfortunately living far from my boyfriend at the moment so having unprotected sex is NOT an option...

My other thoughts are this: Depending on where you ladies are with this, please think wholeheartedly about treatment. If you are in my shoes and it is so early and a low-grade then please do like I am doing and opt for a holistic, homeopathic option to get your immune up to where it should be and please don't doubt that your own body can treat this. You would be amazed at what we can cure when our heart, our mind AND our body are all fighting at once. I don't think you can 'advertise' on here but I have found a company called biogetica and I am going to give them a try! Can't hurt, only help. There is also heaps of information out there about what healthy foods to eat to promote wellness and what foods to avoid. Smoking is a big no-no if you have HPV.

Sending nothing but positive energy and love and hugs to you all! Keep up the good fight!

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I love your positive and healthy views on life and healing from HPV. I agree the body can fight HPV. I am not drinking at all til my 6 month visit to see if my mild dyplasia has passed. I know a bit of red wine wouldn't hurt but I am trying to cut out anything that might prevent my body from doing it's best to recover.

You and your bf prob already share the same HPV's. This is very common and if you only have high risk HPV strains he prob will never show any symptoms. Low risk strains can cause gential (genital) warts and it is not uncommon to have both types. The only way to know this is if you have tested positive for both types or have had symptoms of both. Don't fret, if you don't know you have any low risk strains, many people never even show symptoms. Most likely if you did you would have had warts already.

Once you have a strain you have it for life, so your bf would have it just the same and you can not bounce it back and forth between you.

I don't know about birth control pills but have never seen anything saying there are any issues. Best to ask your doc about this.

ASUS means Atypical Squamous cells of undetermined significance.
The current internationally recognised system for classifying smear test results is called the CIN classification (Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia).
CIN 1 - mild abnormality, which usually is found to return to normal without further medical intervention.

I am going to ask for doc notes! Thanks for the tip!

Good luck!
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Thanks so much and for answering my questions ;-)
How are you doing? Best wishes and lots of healing dust thrown your way! xx
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I am doing well :) Thanks!
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