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How to take care of and clean Genital Warts?
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How to take care of and clean Genital Warts?

Hello All!

I have some questions about genital I do not know the proper way to take care of myself down there anymore with these warts..hpv.

I was first diagnosed around the age of 16, I am now 22. I had them frozen off and prescribed padofilox to apply at home. My immune system hasn't seemed to be able to get this virus in check. I've rarely had outbreaks the past 6 years and if I did, it'd be like one or two tiny warts, once a yr. This month, I've had a pretty weird outbreak of them. They're now on my inner labia (labia minora) pretty close to all the little important parts in the center of my labia minora. Before they were on the outer part of my labia. I've gotten them treated twice already this month, but seems they keep popping up in other areas within the labia minora. Here are my questions, I hope I can get some answers!

How can I help my immune system and body take control of this pesky virus so I can stop having them pop up?

(I've been taking echinaecha, (sp?) green tea capsules, and a multivitamen on and off through out the yrs..never stayed constant w them for long periods of time...or took them at the same times every day..could this be why they haven't really kicked in for my health and the warts?)

Was I most likely affected by another strain of hpv since the warts I am having now, act differently and are in a different area than ever before?

How do I wash myself correctly down there? I find myself washing with soap and water alot throughout the day especially when I feel any kind of moistness down there since I read the warts like moist areas.

Is there a better soap to use?

Better vitamins?

Do you think recreational use of marijuana could be harming me or playing a role in this?

Do I need to wipe a certain way after using the restroom?

Could my warts spread if I have sex while there is a wart present down there? ...if so, they say a lot aren't how is anyone with warts supposed to have sex and enjoy it without worrying???? (Also, boyfriend hasn't had any visible warts since we started dating about a yr and a half ago.)

Also, I recently started CONSTANTLY looking at my lower region in the mirror and that's when I found these tiny ones in my labia minora that I, otherwise never would have known about. Is looking in the mirror on a daily basis even healthy for the mind? Because I've become a very anxiety prone person with all this sexual health stuff. It's taken over my life.

Please help, anyone knowledgeable! All responses are VERY APPRECIATED. I can't talk to anyone about this...

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Have you seen a dermatologist about your warts? This is the first step that I would recommend to anybody having atypical outbreaks.

I don't think there is much you can do on the nutrition/lifestyle side other than trying to eat healthy and exercise. The common sense things. Likewise, I would be surprised if the way you wipe would make much difference. I don't know if recreational marijuana use has any effect on warts and clearance rates, but I do know that tobacco use is linked to slower clearance. Reducing the amount that you smoke seems like a decent idea.

Yes, warts can spread even when they are not visible. As long as a person is infected with HPV, there is a chance of the virus spreading. Most people with HPV do not get (or at least notice) warts.

You may have been infected with another type of HPV, but 2 types of HPV are responsible for 90% of genital warts.

If you haven't been to a dermatologist, it is the best place to start. He or she will give you a proper diagnosis (make sure that you are dealing with warts) and discuss the best treatment options.

Best of luck.
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Thank you for responding to my post alexdelong!

I will go see a dermatologist as soon as I get my health insurance coverage back in January! It's so hard not having insurance and being able to just go see my dr any time I need to. I've been having to go to a planned parenthood clinic this month, twice to have myself looked at and treated with the t-acid. (long t word...can't remember how to spell it.)

As for the marijuana, I will cut back & maybe stop all together.
It's not as fun for my mind as it used to be anyways..
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