Sores on penis
by tl123456789, Apr 05, 2011
I have several sores on my penis, a few dry and slightly itchy red patches on the shaft, and a couple of slightly red/pink marks under my foreskin which seem to become more pronounced when I have a shower or when they are generally irritated. I am currenty overseas and so cannot visit a clinic, and am very worried! The ones on the shaft I think have only just appeared, and as I have a slight eczema rash just developing on my arms I think they may be related, but under my foreskin I do not know how long they may have been there as I have only just noticed them. Anyone had any similar problems? Thanks
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by SkaterDave, Apr 06, 2011
I'm sure many have had similar problems but you would only find them on this forum by chance.  This forum is for genital warts and your developments don't sound like warts.  It does sound like a rash of some kind instead.  It could be related to the other rash for sure but to know you'd have to go to the doctor.  Depending on what country you are in it may be possible to go.  I went to a dermatologist in France for 28 euros as a walk in!  Any, there might be a forum for other skin issues.  Good luck getting this resolved.
by tl123456789, Apr 06, 2011
Thanks, sorry if im on the wrong forum was just a bit freaked out! Will look into getting a walk in clinic, thanks for your help.