5 months post-op having abdominal pain
by pokagon, Jun 30, 2010
I am 5 months post-op.  I had a TVH with bladder sling.  I am having abdominal pain on my left side where I think my ovaries are.  They kept my ovaries.  The pain is a dull ache with a pain scale of 6.  It radiates to my back by my waist and runs down my buttock and to the front of my thigh.  Sometimes it is a jabbing pain, and seems to feel almost hot.  The pain is inconsistant.  Sometimes it is a dull pain all day.  Other days it comes and goes.

Could I be ovulating, or could this be a cyst, nerve damage of related to my bowels.  Can anyone help and give me some advice?
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by Cherie762, Jun 30, 2010
Hi welcom to the forum. I hope to be of some help some of your symptoms I understand some I have questions as they are a bit puzzling to me if you can answer I hope to give you some better advice,

ok....Im sure you know there is one ovary on each side,.,,it just reads pain on left where ovaries are,,,so your pain is on left where one ovary and on fallopian fube is,

wow a scale of 6, On a regualar like almost all the time? thats very high and must make life very difficult no one should have to hurt like that every day,,,Im so sorry your experiencing this,

One thing that it sounds like could be a good part of your problem....but could not be associated as high as the ovary area...is your symptoms sound exactly like sciatica....this is severe pain for most it involves the sciatic nerve it runs from hip/waist to buttock down to leg...and can create feeling of hot, It seems to be more common to have sciatic nerve damage with a bladder suspension, Its sure worth reading a bit on and asking your dr.....if the gyn give no solution and he may not cause if it was or was not his/her fault well that is a whole nother issue.

the best Dr to see for this is a neurologist they run a simple test not painful just electrodes placed on nerve spots hooke up to a machine much like  a ekg...he will give you a deffinate yes or no answer.

You are still ovulating....could be ovarian cysts does not sound like it...ovulating would only hurt for one day or two and aternates sides every other month.

Tell me a bit about why you think it may be related to bowels ok?

by Cherie762, Jun 30, 2010
Hi again sorry I should have checked your profile first at your age level you may or may not be ovulating...probably not. even if you were I dont think thats the problem. Pleas do get to your surgeon and report these problems...did you have a gyn and a bladder (urologist) in the OR or just the gyn...

to test for possible ovarian cysts is usually a transvaginal ultrasound...not super pleasant but not very painful.

how is your pain being handled now...?
by jen42, Jul 02, 2010
have you had a blood test for signs of infection after surger and a urine test