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6 weeks post surgery
I see my gynecologist this Thursday for my 6 week post op check up.  What should I expect with that visit?  Better yet, what should I expect, you know, life post hysterectomy?  

I had a unilateral oophorectomy last December.  No problem.  I hadn't had a period from the month prior to that surgery through the following month.  February's period was one that I hardly knew I was having one.  

March through June, my periods were beyond out of control.  Heavy bleeding, major cramps.  The cramps were bad enough that I was lying on my bed curled up in a fetal position.  In June, my gyn put me on Provera, which did very little for me.  Slightly less bleeding.

In July, I went back to the gyn.  He told me that under no circumstance would he accept any argument about my having a LAVH.  I had that done September 8th.  I was "introduced" to HRT that same evening after my surgery.

I'm currently using a estrogen transdermal patch.  I'm finding that only 1 out of a package of 4 actually stick to my skin.  No, I'm not doing anything different with the other 3.  It's frustrating!  Although, I do have to admit that the hot flash thing isn't as bad as it was about 4 weeks ago.  I guess that's something to get excited about!  *smile*

I've been having some slight discomfort around my belly button, in the area (both sides) of where my mons pubis attaches to my groin.  Has anyone else had this kind of discomfort?  Or am I just going coo coo?  

I know this is long winded.  I just have so many questions about the hysterectomy and the surgery induced menopause thing.  I don't know what to really expect.
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