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Hydrosalpinx, can I post about this here?
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Hydrosalpinx, can I post about this here?

Hi there, I didn't find any forums about hydrosalpinx so I was hoping to post in here. I noticed that people have posted about getting hydrosalpinx after hysterectomies.  I was just told yesterday that I have hydrosalpinx and I will need laproscopy surgery to remove the right ovary and tube. I should be getting the surgery next month. I have been in a lot of pain the last few months and its at its worst right now. I'm glad I finally went to a dr.

Has anyone had this done? What is the recovery like?

I have 3 kids and I am just worried about how long I wont be able to take care of them. The youngest is 3. Thankfully I have a wonderful fiance to help me. I've never had surgery before and I am so nervous. I am only 30 and I want more kids in the future. I am so worried about the difficulty having kids with just one ovary. I also have hypothyroidism.

Please let me know what your experiences were with hydrosalpinx.

Thanks for your help.
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hydrosaplix is a falopian tube blocked at the distal end with fluid,,,,its a common cause of infertility.

I had a BSO after my hyster...thats both tubes n ovaries removed...its not a walk in the park but compared to the hyster the recovery and pain are far less...your lucky to keep one ovary as it will prevent you from going into a surgical menopause.

Lap surgeries are far less invasive than a abdominal cut...just three sometimes 4 sm 1/2 or less inch incisions for probes to go into..

You may have to try harder but no reason at all not to be able to concieve (conceive) again  often the one ovary will do the work of two so you may ovaulate every month still from just the one ovary.

You will need help with the children..no getting around that. you cant lift for 6 weeks, Dr will give full list of instructions....get some meals ready that can be frozen n poped in oven...rent movies you can sit n snuggle and watch with kids, there is alot you can do with them so they dont feel neglected with out being physical.

You will be given narcotic pain meds to bring home.....they will make you constipated, you wont want to push hard for a bm after this surgery,,,most drs prescribe or reccomend a otc stool softner..no laxative...just softner .its important to use n drink lots of fluids.

a ice pack 15 min on 15 off helps with pain.  you may have trapped gas in abdomen,,the only way to get rid of this is to walk and let it go..

Mention the hypothyroid...do not think it will have any effect on surgery or recovery just stay on meds as prescribed.
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