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Not had hysterectomy -complicating factors
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Not had hysterectomy -complicating factors

By iatrofears | 2 minutes
Hi I come here to ask a few questions. I have too many issues& fears regarding
medical procedures& my situation. I'm just going to list them then ask my questions
Hope thats ok-thanks in advance.

1. Vaginismus
2.possible vulvodynia( dr can't get in good enough to check
due to the vaginismus).
3.postmenopausal 2 yrs-had one incident of spotting-maybe size of 2quarters on
first day then 1-2 spots the next 2-3 days. That was 2weeks  ago-nothing since.

4. In addition to vaginismus I have phobia of med procedures including anesthesia as well.
My dr has kindly offered & went out of her way to offer epidural, twilight sedation(Versed, Propofol),
Gen Anesth, and whatever local anesthetics i'm sure( but she didn't specify) and Botox. Of course not all these
at the same time.

My questions are:
1. Anyone here with vaginismus ever experience exam under anesthesia?
2. Abd ultrasound showed lining is 5mm- is that good or bad?
Also of course there's no chance i'm pregnant.

Thanks again.
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I understand your fears of medical treatment. I have them too as a result of being over-treated and suffering the results. I do not know much about vaginismus but since you posted on the hysterectomy board, is hysterectomy being recommended, and if so why? Post-menopausal bleeding is actually much more common than most people realize (including even doctors it seems) especially in the first 5 years or so after menopause. In most cases, it is nothing serious and can be chalked up to some sporadic ovarian activity. That's because the ovaries gradually wind down and continue producing hormones into a woman's 80's if she has not had any procedure that can disrupt their functioning (such as hysterectomy, tubal, ablation).

A lining thickness of 5mm or less is considered normal after menopause. In women who take hormone replacement, up to 8mm is considered acceptable.
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