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Ok, now what????? Urogynecology Forum

I am scheduled to have a robotic hysterectomy and fistula repair on Monday 6/28/2010. It is being done by Ascher-Walsh and Vardy @ Mt Sinai in NYC. What will the recovery be like?  In terms of physical restrictions: steps, lifting going back to work etc?  Thanks. Barbara
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Hi Lynn, I'm going to have your post transferred over to the Hysterectomy Forum; I feel they'll be able to better advise you (this is a forum for pelvic organ prolapse, and although sometimes women have a hysterectomy as part of a POP procedure, the issues with POP and hysterectomy/fistula are very different. Someone should be able to address your concerns and you should be able to find quite a bit of useful information about hysterectomy in general in this forum.

Good luck!
Hi and welcome

I can help with your questions. I wish you all the best with your surgery I assure you that the DaVinci Robotic is the very best method...less scar tissue...less blood loss, easier incisions/ cauterisations, less sutures. and best of all quicker recovery easier recovery. That being said its still major surgery, and with the fistula repair that is well just more trauma to the body thus it will increase recovery time  and cause you more pain than just a hyterectomy would,

I have a lot of good advice for you and I can answer you questions

first get the house in order prepare frozen meals, stock up on books, dvds crosswords what ever you do for quiet time ..your going to need to be quite inactive and will become bored....another thing accept and ask for help! If you have little ones or pets arrange for help. It is a very very good idea to have someone at home with you for atleast first two days.
a ice pack helps greatly with pain,,,heat is bad no heat pads increases bleeding and swelling...Ice pack on 15 min off 15 min...You will be sent home on narcotics they always cause constipation. You will not want this especially with the fistula repair I am sure your Dr will prescribe or reccomend a otc stool softner...If per chance he does not ask for one it is very important...eat lots of fiber drink as much water as you can...you abdomen will be filled with gas and distended during surgery..this is not at all like normal gas..its difficult to get rid of anc can hurt,,,when your able to nurses will have you walking the halls this helps the gas to escape...as does laying on left side although you may not be able to do for a while...point your toes up towards the ceiling and then down towards the bed( not lifting calfs off bed) this helps prevent blood clots...you will likely have velcrove device that tightens and releases leg pressure,,you can do the toe thing at home.

1. No sex or anything in vagina for 6 weeks may be incresed because of fistula
2. askdr about stairs general rule not for first few days and even then for a week to ten days limit it,,,,if you must go up to say shower...one trip up one down have someone behind you...and someone help you down also.
3. lifting will increase as healing does in beginingNO lifting no excessive bending..I lifted a light basket of towels on day three and it sent me into agony,
4. Only your surgeon can tell you about work return and it will depend on what you do,,,,its almost always 6 weeks again may be increased due to the fistula your actually having two surgerys at once.
5. Your discharge papers will say something to the effect of "do nothing" it really is literal  your very best thing to do to help yourself is to spend alot of time laying around on the bed, couch,,,this is the best for your body to heal.

You will be ok..your getting the very best possible method...you ask good questions tells me your intelligent and will follow drs orders...I know you have likely  suffered for sometime and want your life back...it will probably not take anymore than 2 months tops...barring complications...and you will be able to enjoy intamicy again and return to work and do all the things you enjoy....just hang in there. You really must rest a  real lot.

feel free to pm me or respond on here if I can be of anymore help I will do my best.
my computer has been giving me a hard time thus my lateness in responce...if it should act up again..I will be going to a friends home to watch my forum every other day until I get service...on the 6th


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