by excited, Jan 03, 2005
i had a partial hysterectomy 2 yrs ago.but 2 days ago i just found out i am 8 wks pregnant and i am trying find information somewhere to help me understand the whole situation. i heard of someone who had a partial hysterectomy and carried their baby to term. she had twins.CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!
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by Christie2004, Jan 03, 2005
Let me first say Hmmmm.....

And then--can you clarify what you mean by "partial hysterectomy"?  Exactly what was removed?
by Christina S., Jan 05, 2005
Partial hysterectomy: In a partial hysterectomy, the uterus is surgically removed but the cervix is left in place. Also called a subtotal hysterectomy.

That is the definition of a partial, so if your uterus is not there how do you get pregnant?

What exactly was removed? Noone can help without more info.
by lulabelle93, Feb 01, 2005
Hi, I was wondering what you ever found out about your pregnancy after having your partial?? I feel i'm having the same problem. Please let me know how it is going and if you've found any answers.

by Jody18, Jul 25, 2007
I had a partial 12 years ago I have both my overies and some of my uterus and I think they clamped what was left of my tubes. I am having all the signs of pregnancy. I would be 5.5 months now my stomach is large and I have gained 15lbs I feel it moving. In the beginning I had nausea and cramping then I noticed a little pouch in my stomach. It has continued to grow and grow. I still get a period as I did after the partial. the hormone has yet to show up. and they could not see any sign on the ultra sound. I am thinking it is hiding behind my bladder?? I believe I am pregant. I had 3 other child. But I can not prove it medically very frusterating
by have 2 kids, Jul 25, 2007
Is it a full moon?    
by peekawho, Jul 25, 2007
At 5.5 months, there is no hiding a pregnancy behind a bladder.  It would show on an ultrasound.  It would show on any urine or blood test.

You are not pregnant.  
by lynne1276, Jul 25, 2007
by Mother of bailey, Jul 25, 2007
Did a Dr. tell u were preg??
by luv_babies, Jul 25, 2007