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Polyps AND

I'm 31 and I have been diagnosed with both a polyp and a fibroid (the fibroid) is my uterine lining. I do not have any children. I have been scheduled for surgery (D and C and potential Momectomy depending on how the fibroid looks once they are doing the D and C) but it is not for 40 days. I was diagnosed with Anemia 2 weeks ago as well due to the  continued blood loss which has been going on for 5 months.  I am continuing to have very heavy bleeding and it's gotten much worse in the last 48 hours. I am going through 20-30 super plus tampons per day with overflow bleeding onto pads as well.  I talked to a nurse yesterday that said at this point, going through Super Plus Tampons at a rate of 5-45 minutes, means I'm in a risk category for needing a blood transfusion and that I should go the emergency immediately. This seemed dramatic so I did not go last night. Instead, I went to an urgent care clinic today and the Dr. said that I could take prometrium to stop the bleeding. I started that today. The Dr. said to come back and see him on Thursday and if the bleeding did not stop then we will figure out what to do.  He said in that case, we may try one more drug b/f emergency surgery. I don't know the name.  Can I really wait until 40 days regardless? I have an additional concern as I see online that prometrium is used in some cases to start, NOT stop bleeding so now I'm very confused. Many women blogged that when they started this for the same reasons that I did the bleeding increased.  I am paralyzed in that I can't leave my hose and I'm so embarssed that my husband is aware of this and going through it with me.  I have a few questions:

1. Is it ok to wait this long for surgery? It seems like a really long time.
2. How much blood (in terms of super plus tampons) can you looser per day with out being in danger?
3. Does prometrium work or is this going to make the bleeding heavier??!!
4. Am I going to be able to have kids? I understand this is a risk??!
5. How long does it take to recover from a D and C and/or Momectomy. Can I travel to be in a wedding 48 hours after the surgery?

Thank you so much to anyone that can provide some insight. I'm starting to get a little concerned.


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Hi there,
No its not ok to put this off, this is potentially very very serious and needs to be dealt with now. You know that, said your self "this amt of bleeding ,should have went to er" Your so very right anytime one bleeds through a heavy pad or tampoon in an hour is questionable but in 5-45 min, is that not the same as hemmoraging? Carisa, You should be concerned, many women who go to er for this are "packed" just what it sounds like.

I can not tell you how much blood is safe to loose in your case, I am not a dr. Id sure like to know what your blood pressurre was at clinic visit bet it was quite low. that is dangerous, what do you think happens when a persons blood pressure gets very very low? its not good.

If you get a successful myomectomy and a d and c you should in theory be able to have kids, I had three after 2 d anc  cs.  there is every reaon to be very positive

recoop from d and c alone is easy, following post op instruction regarding when to have sex and lift restrictions is important.

I do truely understand please go to the er, dont wait.
All the best, let me know how you are when you can.
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