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rectocele, cystocele and pelvic surgery
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rectocele, cystocele and pelvic surgery

I  have rectocele, cystocele and other pelvic problems.
I am 54 years old mother of 3 grown children delivered vaginaly.
10 years ago I had a hysterectomy due to heavy bleadings caused by huge fibroids.  Atempt was made to do a vaginal hysterectomy, so cervics was removed. As the fibroids were to big, vaginal removal was not succesful, so it was done by abdominal surgery. High blood pressure,
20lb + weight gain urinary incontinence and abdominal discomforts and pain followed within few month.
4 years ago I started urinary bleading as I run to catch a train.  I blead heavily as I had to urinate every hour or so for 3 -4 days. As I was traveling abroad, I got over the counter  medicine and tea.
2 month lated I told my doctor and had a urine test which did not show any problems.
3 years ago I had rectal bleeding and was sent to have a colonoscopy. I was told by nurse who performed it that "everything was fine, don't need another one for 10 years".
However, it took me over a week to recover, as I had chest and abdominal pains and felt dizzy.
(I had a follow up call re. colonoscopy and was told that those symptoms are normal).
2 month later I ended up in emergency hospital for 3 days, as my chest pain and womiting were confused with possible hart problems. Abdominal CT scan was also performed and diverticulitis was noted (along with very odd coment "uterus non remarcable"?!).
After colonoscopy, I have not been able to have a Bowel movement without having to manualy extract it. I have seen one colon specialist that prescribed lots of fiber, which caused more pain and extreme difficulty with even manualy assisted BM. I have seen another colon specialist that recomended rectal staple "non surgery" that he specialized in. Hovever, turned out his experience with that procedure was limited to having perforemed it on 2 pigs (dead). (This is no joke, this is what he told me when I asked him about patients he did it on).
I was also reluctant for this procedure, as this only addresed the rectal and not vaginal prolapse problems.  His tests show that blader and small intestines press onto the colon, deforming rectal and vaginal area. I can see and feel vaginal protrussion. Fixing one part without addressing the whole pelvic (and maybe abdominal) area didn't seem like it would solve the problem.
Who can I see in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area if possible) or near, that has experience and good results in this area (on live, still living human patients).
Thank you very much.
Tags: rectocele/enterocele/hysterect, Colon, rectal bleeding
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You need to see a UROGYNOCOLOGIST!!! Specialist....read thru my posts and you will see what I have had done...I am almost 6 weeks post op.  
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