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thick womb lining- what does that mean ?
Dont know if this is the right place to put this
hi im a 22 year old female and for the past 9 months my body feels like its just giving up i know my body so well and i have been having periods also bleeding after my periods and also bleeding when having sex i have been in and out of my doctors the last 9 months for them to find out whats going on and they sent me to have a scan I had my ultrasound the other day and the tech asked me when was my last period which i have only just came off the tech told me my lining of my womb was thicker for someone who has just came of and it looked like i was gonna just about to start she said to make appointment with my doctor for him to refer me for an urgent gynae appt. she asked me to do this several times when I was there, so I asked her why she was stressing the URGENT bit of it. also i had bloods taken and everythink was normal

She told me that the lining of my womb is very very very thick (her words - not mine) and that I must see a gynae doc urgently to sort it out. She didn't really tell me much else so I left panicking. As soon as I got home I naturally googled "thick womb lining" and got some scary results.

I have been worried sick
i saw my doctor today for the report and he said that he will make a urgent appointment for me he said its abnormal and that is so really really thick he was going to refer me tonight but i have five kids should i be worried ...
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