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uterine polyp, enlarged uterus and fibroid
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uterine polyp, enlarged uterus and fibroid

Upon scheduling a sliing procedure for stress incontinence, a pelvic ultrasound detected a plum sized fibroid not previously detected by pelvic exam 10 mo. prior. at that time I also had a (-) pap and a polyp removed from my cervix. I developed symptoms of bloating which prompted an ultrasound by my Fam. practice doc....repeat ultrasound now 6 months later...fibroid size unchanged but now thickened uterine lining, changes in bleeding pattern, slightly enlarged uterus by palp. the polyp on my cervix was back and again removed as well as biopsies of it and uterine/endometrial lining. I am scheduled for a sling in one week for my original stress incontinence iin hopes I can resume a running program. My GYN has added a Lap. TAH to that due to the fibroid, bleeding issues etc. Upon the pelvic pre-op exam he found the other things and promptly did the biopsies. I am 44 years old, female/caucasion with no history of CA. Healthy, mother of 4. Wt.118 lbs. I am a 23 year ICU veteran nurse so I know the risks, benefits, odds and complications.

My question: How concerned am I about this coming back cancerous? Honestly, all the hand patting aside and the "I am sure it will be fine, but" statements.
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Hi Suz...as you know the endometrial stripe should be 4mm -4.6..what was yours..sorry you have three seperate issues going on..Kinda all started when you turned 40 I bet. Thats how it was for me...went form endometriosis to adenomyosis to polycystic ovarys fun fun NOT.

I have been CL here for over a year and answered this question many many times. Your question is actually two folded. Total honesty her ok...the fibroid is very likely begnine. Sometimes us women can have endometrial cancer....Im sure you had a CA125 was it elevated? really really does sound the odds are highly in your favor. if your a non smoker odds in your favor increase.

If you can and if its avalable I really would advise the DaVinci Robotice healing time is dramaically increased. less bleeding smaller scars . its all good ...videos of exact procedure are on u-tube..one is animated one is real...some people can handle the real some cant being a nurse you likely could..

are you having a uro surgeon come on board for the bladder sling? I would I almost had to have that but ended up not..my plan was to have urological surgeon as well as gyn surgeon/
I totally hear you about the hand patting..the changes in bleeding is due to all the trauma of the fibroid,you know the body sees it as an invader and its putting strain on uterus..is it "in" "on" or through the uterus.?

It does not at all sound like you have endo but you may have andeomyosis. did they mention uterus being "boggy" LOL love that as a med term.
I am assuming your retaining ovaries and tubes? if yes thats good. even post menopause the ovarys trickle a bit of hormones.
I cant give you a %...my gut feeling is it is not cancer. If I knew your Ca125 I could tell more but being an icu nurse I guess if you knew that You would already have a good idea

I have a list on my journal page of pre and post op suggestions for hysterectomys. Your more than welcome to read it.

the most important thing is to afterwards be inactive..walking is ok but excessive bending, lifting etc is not..I folded a basket of towels while sitting on floor day three post op and it sent me into agony. This is a time to be self centered..its all about you and your health priority number 1.

Good luck writ me back or your welcome to send a pm if youd like


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