Conspiracies et al
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Science-based medicine, studies, articles. I follow MedHelps rules about personal groups: Founders can choose to ban members from their Group or prohibit discussions on certain topics in their own Group. I can't imagine others joining this but I'm starting it for my own edification and may refer people to read certain topics. Sorry about the flower icon. I had to chose one. (grin)

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Conspiracies et al

"How many people does it take to conspire?

A conspiracy always requires at least two people."

Some famous conspiracies, according to Wiki:

1 New World Order
1.1 Federal Reserve System
2 False flag operations
3 Wars
4 Assassinations and other deaths
5 US Presidency
5.1 Clinton Body Count
5.2 Barack Obama conspiracy theories
6 Ethnicity, race and religion
6.1 Antisemitic conspiracy theories
6.2 Armenian conspiracy
6.3 "Babylon" and racist oppression
6.4 Eurabia
6.5 Arab-fascist axis
6.6 Baha'i
6.7 Apocalyptic prophecies
6.8 Bible conspiracy theory
6.9 Catholicism as a veiled continuation of Babylonian paganism
7 Technology and weapons
7.1 Suppression of technologies
7.2 Development of weapons technology
7.3 Weapons testing
7.4 Surveillance, espionage and intelligence agencies
8 Media
8.1 DTV transition
8.2 Predictive programming
9 Medicine
9.1 Drug legalization
9.2 Creation of diseases
9.3 Water fluoridation
9.4 Traditional, natural and alternative medicines
10 Real groups said to be involved in conspiracies
10.1 Alleged groups associated with conspiracy theories
10.2 The Plan
11 Paranormal activity
11.1 Extraterrestrials
11.2 Evil aliens
12 Miscellaneous
12.1 Nature
12.2 Advertising
12.3 Space
12.4 Global warming
12.5 Genetically modified crops
12.6 History
12.7 Sports
12.8 Electronic banking conspiracy


But some conspiracies actually turned out to be true:
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