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will you guys give me your thoughts on this!!!
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will you guys give me your thoughts on this!!!

i have a 20 month old son he has not had immunizations since he was first born i guess the first shots he ever had. he has not had a single one after that. i have been afraid to do so i was told it does not always help and its best not to get immunization, but what scared me is i heard this lady talking to a person i know and she said she knew this lady she went to go get her baby immunizations then they went home and i guess she put her baby down to sleep and she never woke back up! and they said it was from the immunizations!! i don't know who told them that though? so i never got my baby shots. now i'm getting worried because iv learned what baby's can get with out immunizations and that scares me too. so i'm confusied about what i should do?? so if anyone would put how they feel on this and why would be wonderful!!!
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here are some of my thoughts....

my son did in fact die... from getting his 9 week shots.  hes gone.  cant come back.  i will NEVER get over it.

that being said... there are MILLIONS of children out there.. who have recieved shots.. and  have benefited from them.  they have saved countless lives.. they continue to save millions.

its extrememly difficult for some to make that decision.  there is so much pro and con out there that in my opinion.. everyone is getting confused.  

yes... for some babies... getting their shots is not a good idea.. for many others... its a great thing.

we will not know for some time what the long term effects upon children are.. while there is certainly an increase in autism.. and there has been sooo much about shots and autism.... well.. i tend to go with it.  you see... i was perfectly ok until i was forced to get my MMR shot in 1976.  it was a nightmare after that..  i can remember everything that happened to me after that.  i was also diagnosed with austism after that.. and some time ago... with high functioning autism.. also known as aspergers.  
its not been easy. but i am alive.  i am here..

i have 7 children... one who is gone forever.. and 6 here on this earth.. my oldest got her shots.. and so did the others.. with the exception of the last three.

they are all ok .  however.. due to the fact that my histpry is highly suggestive of problems occurring with the shots as well as the death of my son.... i will no longer be having my children immunized..

my pediatrician agrees... and hes one of the best in Arizona.

when my son died... i was told that " your childs sacrifice will save millions"  thats what i was told.. and it really pisses me off.

if you dotn want to get your son immunized.. then dont.  if you do .. then do it.

you are his mother... its your choice.. and its a hard one.

weigh your options.... think about it... weigh the pros and cons... he can still go to school.. and he can do everything any other person can do.  

there are thousands of people walking around who have never had their shots. they are healthy people.  there are many people walking around who have had their shots.. they are healthy too.

my son went to bed.. and he never woke up...
and then again.. many immunized children go to bed.. and they wake up.

look into your family history.. ask your relatives how their children did.  do some research.. then make your decison.

take care.. !!

Hi!  I absolutely understand your predicament.  See, I knew nothing about vaccines and just followed the normal vaccination schedule until my daughter turned 3, had a DTaP vaccine, and reacted horribly!  Then, I started researching it and what I found blew my mind and appalled me.  There's suuuuch controversy about vaccines right now, ever increasing, and you probably will never find a doctor who will admit that to you.  They just say "it's safe, it's safe"... but the truth is, the tests have never been done!  Lack of evidence of harm is NOT proof of safety!  I've since spent many hours researching vaccines and I have to agree with some of the leading experts, that vaccines are for the most part a scam.  They make huge profits for pharmaceutical companies, the health outcome for the kids is completely unknown, and for them to admit that vaccines might not be as safe as they're implying would lose them billions of dollars, so they just keep their mouths shut about it.  

Kudos to you for erring on the side of safe rather than just letting them inject your kid with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, etc.  

No, they won't tell you that vaccines contribute to or cause SIDS.  But yes, the evidence is overwhelming when you look at the VAERS index (part of the CDC) that reports all the vaccine injuries and deaths.  It's heartbreaking to read of the thousands of babies who got vaccinated, went to sleep, and never woke up (like the previous poster experienced).  

My thoughts are... until they have organic vaccines, I am not considering putting those toxins into my children's bodies ever again!
thank you for you twos help.  
The other problem when linking autism to shots is how do we know the occurence has gone up?

Autism is much more well known now of days versus 50 years ago.  If something is at the top of your mind then you are more likely to look for it, thus the increase in autism could just be related to the increase in diganosis.  

Think of cancer, 100 years ago there was no cancer, is this because today's society caused it to appear?  No, it is because we didn't know what cancer was.  Even now, there is cancer that reacts well to chemo and others that do not, even when the symptoms are the same.  This is most likely due to small differences we do not take into account when looking at the cancer, seemly identical cases can have very different mutations and varying reaction to treatment.  In the near future they may separate the type of cancer and diagnosis them differently.  (I'm sorry I can't show you the paper I found on this last year while searching for virotherapy articles for my virology 2nd year university course).  

A little hear-say but in addition; many scientists and researchers I've talked too did not like the original research regarding vaccines and autism, many many people have said the work was sloppy and not reliable.  

However, if your child had a problem after a vaccine then I know there is no way you will change your mind and that is fine.  As long as the majority of children are vaccinated then the herd immunity will keep them safe.  However, as more and more parents decide not to vaccine then they may be problems emerge that are worse than reactions to the drugs.  

How would you like your child to become sick and paralysed from polio because you believe what the media said and became afraid of it?  Please please do lots of research, not from media sources and know the facts before you make any decision like that.
my twins are 6 months. they actually go in for their 6 month boosters tomorrow. they've had all their shots to date. the worst reaction we've seen in them is a fever and slight swelling at the injection site. oh and they did cry for all of a minute till they got their bottles.

the dh and i researched and researched prior to the twins being born and we decided the risks out weighed the possibilities. what if every other child in their preschool, kindergarten class didn't have their vaccinations? what if one of those children ended up with measles, mumps, hepatitis, polio or anything else they're vaccinated for? then what are we going to do? possibly loose one of our precious little boys? so we decided for our own peace of mind to have our boys vaccinated. the both of us have had all of our boosters and have them updated as need be. and like the twins the worst reaction we've ever had was a fever and swelling at the injection site.

it's all up to you. you just have to weigh the consequences of not immunizing your child compared to getting the immunizations. talk with your pedi. read, research. don't go soley based on other peoples personal experiences. what if a child that had a serious reaction was simply allergic to something in the vaccine? that doesn't mean your child will be.
My son is four and never has had a shot except one at the hospital cuz I was so out of it I didn't understand what they asked me. I recall him turning yellow cuz of it but it went away. Anyway my son is healthy as a horse. He gets sick about once a year and is a perfect boy. I believe the shots do more harm than good. Our bodies were never made for man made things to be injected into us. And even so it doesn't give 100 percent that you will never get those infections and deseases. It is a fact that the deseases were dying out just before the immuninzations came out and I will never change my mind. I'm preg with a second and choosing the same. I mean just look at the side effects of those shots. There r there cuz it has happened and I will never risk my son. His immune system fights better than having to fight for no reason every time he wud get a shot. In my oppinion your are just weakening the immune system that way.

They can do harm I know personally two lil boys who gets all their shots and have had an effect from them. I can't spell it lol. But seazers?? Like I said I can't spell it but its horrible to watch your child cumpolse and have nothing that you can do to help is horrible.
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