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Diet iPhone App
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Diet iPhone App

Can you access the My Foods list on your iPhone app?  Or do you have to enter each new food on your phone and then again on your computer?
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Hi there -

They should be syncing, if you are syncing the app to the site. I'm including the sync instructions, but please let us know if you are syncing but the foods aren't.

How to Sync -

1. Open the application.

2. Tap on ‘Settings’ in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Select ‘Sync/Backup’

4. Select the number of days you would like to sync and press ‘Sync’.

5. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to sign in with Facebook or MedHelp. Choose whichever login you prefer and follow the directions on your screen. (If you choose MedHelp, you will need to create an account if do not have one already.)

6. Once logged in, you will get an alert once the application has finished syncing.

Please let us know if this works for you. If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know.

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