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Heart Rhythm Tracker - Lost!
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Heart Rhythm Tracker - Lost!

I put in a lot of time filling out this heart rhythm tracker, which is the main reason I arrived at this site. Now I can't find it anywhere!!  Where did it go? I have another tracker whose sole purpose seems to be tracking my dress sizes as they go down.  Shouldn't those two be attached in some way?  How am I supposed to know these things?
Not very user friendly.
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Hi there -

The easiest way to find it is when you log in, on your home page.  Your trackers can be accessed by clicking on "Trackers" in the Application box on the left.  

Here is your heart rhythm tracker -  To find it on your own, you can do a few different things, besides just when you log in.

1- In the upper right corner, go to My MedHelp, and choose Profile.  Your trackers are listed in the right hand column.

2 - In the upper right corner, go to My MedHelp and choose Home, then choose trackers in the Application box on the left side of the page.

3 - Just under My MedHelp, you will see "My Shortcuts".  You can choose Trackers from there.

4 - In any post you make, you can click on your name, and it will take you to your profile.

The purpose of the weight tracker is not to track dress sizes, but to help you make healthier living choices.  It looks as if you have chosen that as an option to track, but you can choose other options.  With the weight open, go to Actions in the upper right of the tracker, and choose Settings.  There you can change your goals, preferences, etc.  

If you click on "Customize", you can choose which options you'd like to track.  If you'd rather not track your dress size, click on it under Displayed Fields, and then click on the arrow pointing to the Hidden Fields (the arrow that points to the right).  You can also choose options to add, and you'd then click the arrow that points to the Displayed fields, or the one that points to the left.  When you are finished, click Apply.

I'm sorry you aren't finding it user friendly, but I hope this helps.

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