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about bmr due to metabolisme
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about bmr due to metabolisme

Hello there, for your info im 30years, 75kg, 176cm
height., i would like to ask about bmr.Using this
application (my diet diary), i set 30days try to loss for
5kg (sedentary without included any exercise) and it
Show me i that i need to take about 805cal a day.

What im confusing rite now my current bmr is 2084,
And from my reading,to make my metabolisme run
as well due to make me loss some weight, i need to
take about 1700-2000cal a day. Because it say that
If i take less calory, my metabolisme will run down, it
Make me losing some weight but not in fat loss, but
Muscle's loss.

Since this application suggest me to take 805cal a
Day, is it will make my metabolisme run well?

Need an advice from you, and please correct me if im
Wrong.thank you
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No, there's something wrong with, either the information you entered or the way the app calculated calorie needs.  

805 calories/day is not nearly enough for an adult male. Let me go in search of someone who can help.
Hi there -

5 kg in 30 days is actually quite a bit, so that may be why your calories are so low, especially if you are sedentary. Try setting it for 60 days, and see if that adjusts it to a more reasonable calorie budget for you.

Let us know. I'll be moving this to our Suggestions forum, so we will be able to see if faster.


Hye there , im already change the goal to 60 days as suggestedd
And it rilly make sense that calories that i need to
Take a day is about 1628cal.maybe 30days is not enough
Due to my goal.anyway thank you for helping me.
Im really appreciate it
I'm 41 and 5 9" weight 231 what is my BMR
Hi, ctown1,

The best place to ask about BMR calculations is in our Weight Loss & Dieting Community.  Here's a post that explains the calculations:

If you have any other questions or comments about weight control, please feel free to start a new topic in that community -- the folks there are very helpful!

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