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Bilateral cervical Lymph Node
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Bilateral cervical Lymph Node


I'm male 30 yrs, accidentaly i felt i have palpable Cervical lymph nodes tiny to small less than 10 mm (Ct Scan and ultra sound) painless and not warm and no other symptoms as fever or sorethroat, last time i got sinus and sorethroat 2 months before i felt the lymph nodes. and 2-3 weeks before i got left ear pain. and my last sexual protected intercourse with unkown hiv status lady 3 months before.

I did viral serology tests for CMV .Monospot, Toxoplasmosis,Rubela,STDs ,TB.  all came Negative
Ialso did Hiv tests Antigen +Abs 1 month after exposure , 2 months,3 months (The time i felt the lymph nodes), 4 months , 4 m+ 25 days. post exposure date.all came Negative

Now my lymph nodes still there no change in the size and little tender , not movable , for almost one month and half .
Any Advise please for the reason of this or if you can suggest any tests should i do more???  
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what about CBC?!! i'd seen somany cases like you and finally it's been discovered they carry M.Catarhlis, unfortunally it prevelence is expanding in commuinty and have a really resist strains..

you may do PCR for HIV..  just check it
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I had blood test haematology.

Hmgb 15g/dl
HematocritHematocrit (hct)  45%
RBCRbc count
Rbc indices           5.61   mil / mm3
WBCWbc count          6.800 /mm3

Neutrophils      76%
Lymphocytes   20%
Monocytes      4 %
Esinophils        0%
Basophils        0%

Platlet count 283,000 / mm3

And I did HIV test MEIA and ELFA 6 tests till 23 Weeks post possible exposure (about six months).

I coudnt find a place in my area to do PCR test .!!!

I also consulted 3 Doctors and they told me HIV lymph nodes are generalized widespread all over the body, but mine is only 2 Nodes.
plus abcense of Fever,nightsweat, rash and joint and muscle pain.

and they told me HIV lymph nodes are quite large nodes but mine is very small and not signeficant.
And they said if my lymph nodes Due to Hiv so my Test will tern positive within a week to 4 weeks after they started.

So Do you agree on this Doc?? What do u suggest? also im planning to continnue testing more than 6 months even its not recomended according to the CDC guidlines.
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