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Cold sore or Impetigo?
A few months ago my whole upper lip broke out with blisters and it soon spread up to my nose. The blisters crusted over yellow and my doctor gave me valtrex for cold sores. Every month or so I would get them again. Recently, for the past couple weeks, I have had them nonstop, the cold sore meds didn't seem to do much, and my doctor explained that maybe it turned into a skin infection and prescribed me antibiotics. The few blisters I have now are going away and healing now that I am on antibiotics.

When I first got them, I was golfing a week earlier which triggered an allergic reaction, which was expected for me. I think maybe that triggered it. Also, my boyfriend broke out with the same issue about a day before I did, except his never came back. So both our first outbreaks covered our lips.
Did we both just have impetigo and his body fought it off while mine didn't? Or did it actually start as cold sores which somehow came up in both of us at the same time.
Neither of us had this before.

So, cold sores or just a skin infection?
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