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Diarrhea, Dry Retching, Nausea every morning for 4 weeks - Destroying m...
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Diarrhea, Dry Retching, Nausea every morning for 4 weeks - Destroying my life

Hello, i guess ill start with information about myself...
I am:
- 17 years old
- Not over-weight but could lose weight
- No real alergies (allergies) e.t.c
- 6ft

Medication im using:
- MOXOLON (For nausea)
- Bactrim DS (For a UTI, im on day 3 of using them)

What are my symptoms?:
- Nausea (almost every morning 4 weeks)
- Diarrhea ( 4 weeks)
- Vomiting (Have not had vomiting for about 2 weeks)
- Loss of apitite (Only eat when i have to for pills)
(I have had No stomach cramps for 3 weeks, i have had no pains whatsoever but just a constant feeling of nausea)

What tests have i done:
- Blood test (Showed a high white blood cell count indicating worms/parasites... I took 2 tablets of a strong medicine (i forgot the name sorry) and then i felt fine for about a week until just recently on wed i have felt sick again.
- Stool sample (Showed nothing)
- Urine test (Showed a UTI which i am being treated for...I am now on day 3)
- Prostate exam ( Showed no blood on my stool)

Whats been happening:
For the past 4 weeks, almost every single day i wake up with the feeling of nausea, and then i proceed to gag about 3 times and the feeling passes, i then get the feeling of hunger but i ate a full meal in the past 9 hours before i went to bed. After it passes, about 2-3 hours later the feeling can come back making me feel sick again. It is really ruining my life as i feel like as soon as i walk out of the house i might vomit in public.

I actually think it might be from eating fatty foods, i was feeling better on monday tuesday and wends, but wends night I ate fatty foods then thursday i felt sick and vomited (only mucus) and i felt extremly better, then it came back. Could it possibly be from fatty foods? I have never had any trouble with take-away in the past.

CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME, its destroying my life! Once again i have no pain whatsoever (so it cant be my gallbladder e.t.c?) but I wake up with nausea every morning. My mum thinks its all in my head, im not worrying about anything, im not stressed im actually sick and i dont know why! :(

thank you all for reading this.

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1386405 tn?1291591400
I would still have the gallbladder checked better safe than sorry. Then maybe ask your MD about h-pylori or possibly ulcers
Avatar m tn
Yes, I think it is best to check it out just incase. I was just reading up on Celiac disease, i just found out that my father had it aswell... It shows all the symptoms i have right now, and im hoping that if i change my diet it may help...
1386405 tn?1291591400
Good Luck with that it's a hard diet to follow you have to stay away from all Gluten and not all products that contain it actually list it. Let me know how your doing
Avatar m tn
sorry i took so long to reply, shortly after i posted this i visted my doctor again.

He suggested to me that i may be suffereing from peptic ulcers in my stomach, these may occur from all the stress and all the different tablets i have been taken.

So he gave me Nexium (anti-acid tablets) sure enough, they worked! within 2-4 days i was 90% better. They seriously saved me !

thankyou for replying!

all the best
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