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shrinking head with closing nose ,ears and whole body
Respected Doctor,

I am 27 male, weight 74 KG, height 165 CM

I was having a decent face infact a good charming face in the past.

Now I am suffering from an unkown problem. My Face and neck started to shrink.Initially my face lost the muscles and was looking bony.

It has been 5 months I have been suffering from this problem and now my head ha s shrinked a lot and now my face/head looks like a small kid head.

Major probem is flattening/closing of nose and difficult to breathe.
Also ears are closing.

Blood tests say everyting is normal.
i was taking alopathic treatment. multivitamin tablets filled my face with blood and looked some what ok but head shrinking is not stoping.

I feel I got this infection from some one because I am facing this problem only for the past 7 months.

head also paining at the back and I am very afraid sir
please help me

I think this is a contagious disease i am very sure about this please help me sir

Even mouth has shrinked, teeth all become small.

whole body is shrinking, even anus.

Any help/advice would be mush appreciated
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