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Will this ever get better?
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This is a group for anyone who struggles with insomnia, whether it be a once in a great while thing, or a near daily occurrence; whether it be because of chronic pain or illness, or if it's an inability to "turn off your brain" at night. Hopefully we can all share thoughts, ideas, helpful tips, etc., that may help a fellow insomniac get a few blissful hours of shut-eye.

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Will this ever get better?

I dread going to sleep every night.   Wake up every 2 or 3 hours.  Lucky if I manage 5 hours.
Tried all types of medications (benzo, Ambien, Melatonin and others), also do the proper sleep hygiene such as
sleeping same time every night, bath to relax, etc.
After 25 years of rotating shift work in an ER I really think my brain has been messed up.   Took a year off to feel better but nothing has changed.

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Hi fenchlilly,

I often have trouble falling asleep. One thing you need to try and change is
how you feel about going to sleep. You say you "dread" it. Sometimes the
way you view how you're going to sleep will become a self fulling prophecy.
Many years ago I went through a time when I had severe insomnia. I couldn't sleep for 2 months.
I mean couldn't sleep at all. No sleep. I'd look at my bed and think I can't sleep, so why bother. I spent most of the night watching t.v. till all hours of the morning. I actually went to work while I was experienceing this insomnia. I have to share with you the fact that there were other factors why I couldn't sleep related to my health. Anyway, eventually the insomnia
passed. I've always been a light sleeper and I wake up easily. I find playing classical music while I'm trying to fall asleep is helpful. I turn off the tv.
We have a tv in the bedroom. Anyway, you say you've tried melatonin.
You can buy melatonin in various milligrams. You probably know that.
I myself take 2 - 3 milligram fast dissolving melatonin tablets. What I find
challenging is shutting off my brain sometimes, shutting off the thoughts of the day. What I try and do now is take the melatonin about 1/2 hour or so before I want to go to sleep, play classical music. Then when I'm feeling sleepy, I turn off the light and try to imagine myself on a tropical island
on a beautiful warm day. I imagine waves gently lapping against the shore.
These are my peaceful images. Whatever images give you peace and calms your mind may work. One of the most important things you can do
is change the way you're looking at going to sleep. I'm referring to your
use of the word " dreading sleep".  Choose a melatonin tablet that is long lasting. Not all of them are.  I've tried some melatonin tablets from the
health food store. Jamison Vitamins makes a long lasting, fast dissolving melatonin tablet that I find most effective. Instead of dreading sleep, think of
how relaxing it's going to be falling asleep. Try putting lavendar on your pillow. Make your bedroom into an inviting place for sleeping. I hope my suggestions have been helpful. I've struggled with sleep issues a good part of my life.
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