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High prolactin and ttc
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High prolactin and ttc


I am 37 - underweight. My hubby and i are trying ttc for 5 years and only recently get to know i was diagnose with high prolactin. Went through MRI scan but report normal, had a few blood test but my prolactin level still remain high. I have no sympton of breast milk discharge or missing period. My menses is quite regular. My endocrinologist told me it is fine as long i am not ttc, otherwise she will refer me to gynaecology for further ovary ultrascan.

I wondered if my past abortion (15 years ago) related to my infertility?
Occasionally i am having nigh sweating as well as having difficulties in breathing while i was sleeping (feeling suffocated). Does this realted to to my inbalance hormones? I really hope to conceive naturally. Your advise is appreciated.

Thanks Doc for your time

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It is good news that your MRI is normal and your menses is regular. How regular are they?  They shoudl be about 28 days apart.  If they are not that regular then taking prolactin lowering medication like bromocriptine or cabergoline will help for fertility.  
I was wondering how how the prolactin levels were because if they are only slightly elevated then I would suggest making sure that your recheck a level fasting first thing in the morning without taking a shower or having intercourse because manipulating the breast or eating a big meal can elevated prolactin levels.

Your past abortion is unlikely to be related to infertility unless you had complications of the abortion like an infection or repeat abortion for retained pregnancy tissue.

Difficulty breathing may be related to sleep apnea, and I would suggest speaking to your internist about this.  Night sweats could be hormonally related.  I presume that you did do a cycle day 2 or 3 FSH, LH, Estradiol and TSH level.

Hope this was helpful. I wish you wellness.
My menses counting from Day 1 about 30 days apart. I guess this is consider regular? My doctor hasn't test me for cycle day 2 or 3 for FSH, LH.....yet

Who should i inform about my past abortion? The internist or Gynae. I asked this because i feel rather uncomfortable to provide this information to my internists.

I will also take note of your advices and hopefully i can share my good news with you soon.

Thank you once again for your time.
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