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Panicking/ worried - Painful Haemmorahagic cyst and CA 125 - Should I h...
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Panicking/ worried - Painful Haemmorahagic cyst and CA 125 - Should I have surgery or can I travel home?

I am on holiday 12 hours long haul flight from home. and am wondering if I can travel home or if I need to have surgery here.   What is truly necessary in a situation like this.  I am 'bricking it' (Brit for v. worried) and don't know what to ask or where I stand.

I have had pain for three weeks which is now reducing to  lower level.  An ultrasound scan shows there is a haemorrhagic cyst of nearly 5 cm.  2/3rds grey on the image and 1/3 black.  A CT scan shows the cyst as smooth.  I have had hormone and tumour marker blood tests done,  All levels are normal except for CA 125 which is 58.  The cyst appears to be stable and has blood flow around it so doesn't appear to be twisted.

I am being advised to have a surgical procedure next week in Singapore, a laparoscopy which may turn into a bigger operation should anything of concern appear.  The medical facilities here are good.  But I am not a local and don't really know who to go to.

Please does anyone know anyone who could advise me on whether or not I would be safe to fly home and have this checked out in the UK?  how soon would I need to make sure it is seen to ?

Thanks for your help.


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If it is a hemorrhagic cyst, it usually resolves with time and as long as it does not rupture or torse (that is twist) you can wait. I usually wait at least 1 month and repeat an ultrasound to see if the cyst resolves completely or gets smaller on its own before taking you to surgery. Emergency surgery is only necessary if the cyst ruptures or if there is ovarian torsion (the ovary twists on itself). I suggest that you take it easy and not exercise or jump around or have intercourse ie complete pelvic rest. If the pain is improving then I think you can wait.  If the pain worsens, then you may need surgery sooner.  If you have severe pain then you should go to an emergency room as soon as possible.  If after 1 month the cyst persists and is not getting smaller then you can plan for a laparoscopic surgery because the cyst may not be a hemorrhagic cyst but some other kind of cyst like an endometrioma and that kind does not spontaneously resolve on its own.
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