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hot pain in upper back
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hot pain in upper back

I feel hot in my upper left back side. At times if feels as if someone is placing a hot iron near the skin, i think you know how it feels.  Especially when i do some work that requires me to bend for sometime or when i walk or just happens to be in directly sunlight.  Went to hospital and an xray revealed nothing all was clear.  both breasts where lactating but this the Dr said was a hormonal problem and it was treated.  The hot feeling in the back feels so bad.
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I can comment on your breasts lactating. Your doctor should check a prolactin level if you are not breast feeding because it could represent a pituitary problem eg microadenoma. If it is elevated you may need an MRI of the brain/pituitary.
Regarding the back. I would recomment that you see a doctor to recheck what the problem it. Check if anything has broken out on the skin as well like a lesion that could be shingles. But do see your doctor.
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